Notice of Administration of Creditors

NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION / TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) have been opened for probate in the Fayette County Clerk’s Office at 100 North Court Street, Fayetteville, WV 25840-1200. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a will must make a complaint in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Any interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file notice of an objection with the County Commission within 90 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of the service of the notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely, the objection is forever barred. Any person interested in filing claims against an estate must file them in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-2 and 44-3. Settlement of the estate(s) of the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commissioner unless within 90 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a party of interest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner. Publication Date: MARCH 26, 2015 Claim Deadline Date: JUNE 24, 2015 ESTATE NUMBER: 815 ESTATE NAME: NELSON THOMAS BLAKE, JR. EXECUTRIX: MARGIE CLEO BLAKE 293 PEA RIDGE ROAD, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 789 ESTATE NAME: LORETTA J. CAMPBELL EXECUTOR: GEORGE A. CAMPBELL 413 WHITE OAK DRIVE, DANESE, WV 25831 ESTATE NUMBER: 828 ESTATE NAME: JENEVA CLARA CHAPMAN EXECUTRIX: ROSETTA MCTHENEY P.O. BOX 171, POCA, WV 25159 ESTATE NUMBER: 800 ESTATE NAME: NORMA JEAN SMITH GENTRY EXECUTRIX: CHERI DAVIS HARTLESS 30295 VICKSVILLE ROAD, SEDLEY, VA 23878 ESTATE NUMBER: 748 ESTATE NAME: WILLIAM T. HERTZ EXECUTOR: RICHARD L. MARTIN 1017 ELIZABETH STREET, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ATTORNEY: PHILIP J. TISSUE 303 JONES AVENUE, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 804 ESTATE NAME: RAY H. JONES EXECUTRIX: SHIRLEY GRAVELY P.O. BOX 92, DANESE, WV 25831 ATTORNEY: PHILIP J. TISSUE 303 JONES AVENUE, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 818 ESTATE NAME: MACEL ELIZABETH KIDD CO ADMINISTRATRIX: JOY PAINTER 107 JOY STREET, OAK HILL, WV 25901 CO ADMINISTRATRIX: DEANNA STAFFORD P.O. BOX 582, FAYETTEVILLE, WV 25840 CO ADMINISTRATRIX: SHERRILL PATRICK P.O. BOX 650, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 813 ESTATE NAME: FRANK DEWAYNE LAGOS ADMINISTRATOR: JEFF J. LAGOS 1117 COUNTRY CLUB ROAD, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ATTORNEY: PHILIP J. TISSUE 303 JONES AVENUE, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 823 ESTATE NAME: PATRICIA NEAL ADMINISTRATOR: ROY L. NEAL 220 WILSON ROAD, VICTOR, WV 25938 ATTORNEY: PATRICK SALANGO 108 1/2 CAPITOL STREET, SUITE 300, CHARLESTON, WV 25301 ESTATE NUMBER: 810 ESTATE NAME: DEBRA LYNN PRITT ELLIOTT ADMINISTRATOR: LARRY ELLIOTT P.O. BOX 64, BOOMER, WV 25031 ESTATE NUMBER: 801 ESTATE NAME: PAUL GENE SYNER EXECUTRIX: PAULA MURDOCK 503 HIGHLAND AVENUE, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 802 ESTATE NAME: ALEXANDRA M. WARD ADMINISTRATRIX: JEANETTE CASTLE 173 HIGH STREET, FAYETTEVILLE, WV 25840 ESTATE NUMBER: 766 ESTATE NAME: RONALD LEE WHITMORE, SR. EXECUTRIX: FLORA JANE WHITMORE P.O. BOX 84, OAK HILL, WV 25901 ESTATE NUMBER: 784 ESTATE NAME: GERALDINE S. WILSON ADMINISTRATOR: JAMES T. WILSON 115 HILL AVENUE, MOUNT HOPE, WV 25880 Subscribed and sworn to before me on MARCH 20, 2015. KELVIN E. HOLLIDAY Clerk of the Fayette County Commission BY: STEPHANIE J. HARRAH Deputy Clerk 4-8-WED-2-MH; LG 482