Notice of Administration/To Creditors


Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) have been opened for probate in the Mercer County Clerk’s Office at 1501 West Main Street, Princeton, WV 24740-2600. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a will must make a complaint in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Any interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file notice of an objection with the County Commission within 60 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of the service of the notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely, the objection is forever barred. Any person interested in filing claims against an estate must file them in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-2 and 44-3.
Settlement of the estate(s) of the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commissioner unless within 60 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a party of interest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner. Publication Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021
Claim Deadline Date: Monday, June 14, 2021
Estate Number: 3938
Appointment Date: 12/15/2020
Estate Name: Rondon Hansel Ashby
Administratrix Sherry Lynn Roberts
450 Old Pisgah Rd
Princeton WV 24740-8860
Estate Number: 4063
Appointment Date: 03/05/2021
Estate Name: Bobby Joe Aust Jr
Administratrix Deborah Carver
429 Union St
Bluefield WV 24701-3731
Estate Number: 4073
Appointment Date: 03/08/2021
Estate Name: Darrell Ward Church
Executrix Diana L Asbury
231 Clayfield Ct
Bluefield WV 24740
Estate Number: 4029
Appointment Date: 02/11/2021
Estate Name: James Joseph Colbird
Administratrix Nancy Bowen
150 East Reyonalds Ave
Apt. E5
Princeton WV 24740-3939
Attorney Brian Bigelow
101 North Kanawha St
Suite 101
Beckley WV 25801-4733
Estate Number: 4037
Appointment Date: 02/16/2021
Estate Name: Lexie Inez Comer
Executor William Edward Comer
207 N. Caperton Avenue
Princeton WV 24740-3403
Estate Number: 4100
Appointment Date: 03/18/2021
Estate Name: Anna Cordle
Administrator Ronald Cordle
Po Box 601
Matoaka WV 24736-0601
Estate Number: 4074
Appointment Date: 03/09/2021
Estate Name: Early Wayne Dehart
Executor Early Wayne Dehart Jr
105 Brijidan Lane
Colonial Heights VA 23834-1600
Estate Number: 4125
Appointment Date: 03/31/2021
Estate Name: Wilda Jean Donovan
Executor Michael Jackson Donovan
281 Lyndsey Drive
Princeton WV 24739-9069
Estate Number: 4047
Appointment Date: 02/24/2021
Estate Name: Michele Marie Farley
Administrator Kenneth Kormendy
1425 Whitethorn St.
Bluefield WV 24701-4453
Estate Number: 4052
Appointment Date: 02/26/2021
Estate Name: Norma Jean Farley
Administrator Cecil B. Farley
159 Martingale Place
Bluefield WV 24701
Estate Number: 4079
Appointment Date: 03/12/2021
Estate Name: Randy Lee Gibson
Exectrix Shirley Gibson
279 Cooper St.
Bramwell WV 24715-9001
Estate Number: 3984
Appointment Date: 01/22/2021
Estate Name: Sharon Helen Griffee
Executrix Karen Griffee
P.O. Box 129
Athens WV 24712-0129
Attorney Paige Flanigan
1407 Main Street
Princeton WV 24740-3045
Estate Number: 4006
Appointment Date: 02/03/2021
Estate Name: John William Harless
Executrix Carolyn Harless
375 Lusk Hollow Rd
Rock WV 24747-9117
Estate Number: 3993
Appointment Date: 01/29/2021
Estate Name: Jeanie M. Harmon
Administratrix Shirley M. Bailey
822 Lorton Lick Rd
Bluefield WV 24701-7806
Estate Number: 4106
Appointment Date: 03/22/2021
Estate Name: George Elijah Heartwell
Executrix Kathy S Heartwell
218 Heuser Ave
Princeton WV 24740-2604
Estate Number: 4003
Appointment Date: 02/02/2021
Estate Name: Helga K. Helton
Executrix Michelle R. Skeens
Po Box 502
Rich Creek VA 24147-0502
Estate Number: 4092
Appointment Date: 03/17/2021
Estate Name: Betty J. Ide
Administratrix Cynthia Christian
284 Creek Ledge Lane
Princeton WV 24740-8885
Estate Number: 3945
Appointment Date: 12/18/2020
Estate Name: Bessie H. Jones
Executor Allen W. Jones
736 East Drive
Princeton WV 24740-2019
Estate Number: 4018
Appointment Date: 02/09/2021
Estate Name: Theodore L. Kessinger
Executrix Anne Kessinger
P.O. 685
Athens WV 24712
Estate Number: 3980
Appointment Date: 03/05/2021
Estate Name: Elsa M. Kingdon
Executrix Martha Saltzman
17 Winser Court
Sayreville NJ 08872-1371
Estate Number: 4066
Appointment Date: 03/08/2021
Estate Name: David Charles Klingensmith
Executrix Barbara Mann Klingensmith
Po Box 516
Athens WV 24712-0516
Estate Number: 4062
Appointment Date: 03/03/2021
Estate Name: Jack Eugene Lewis
Co Administratrix Bonnie Lewis
CTA 509 South Shadowwood Lane
Princeton WV 24740-3839
Co Administratrix Beverly Miller
CTA 2196 Athens Road
Princeton WV 24739-3602
Estate Number: 4024
Appointment Date: 02/11/2021
Estate Name: Judy Massaro
Administratrix Teresa Laxton
2245 Eads Mill Rd.
Princeton WV 24739-8799
Estate Number: 3988
Appointment Date: 01/26/2021
Estate Name: Patty Basham Meade
Executor David S Meade
613 Fairway Street
Bluefield VA 24605-9428
Estate Number: 3972
Appointment Date: 01/12/2021
Estate Name: Angela Meadows
Administrator Timothy Brown
406 Peggy Branch Rd.
Princeton WV 24739-6997
Estate Number: 4016
Appointment Date: 02/05/2021
Estate Name: Mason C. Mills
Executor Mason E. Mills
Po Box 547
Lashmeet WV 24733-0547
Estate Number: 3989
Appointment Date: 01/27/2021
Estate Name: Genevieve V Moore
Executrix Cleda G Hensley
1732 Nubbins Ridge Road
Beeson WV 24714-9575
Attorney Thomas S. Lilly
1421 Princeton Ave.
Princeton WV 24740-2707
Estate Number: 3949
Appointment Date: 12/22/2020
Estate Name: Billy J. Morefield
Executor Barry L. Allen
138 Garden Oaks Dr.
Princeton WV 24739-8513
Estate Number: 4087
Appointment Date: 03/16/2021
Estate Name: Chadwick G. Osborne
Administratrix Sherrie E. Shields
203 Shields Lane
Bluefield WV 24701-6956
Estate Number: 4097
Appointment Date: 03/18/2021
Estate Name: Alice J. Otey
Executor Terry Otey
2000 Mounty Horeb Rd
Princeton WV 24739-7499
Estate Number: 4096
Appointment Date: 03/18/2021
Estate Name: Alvin A. Otey
Executor Terry Otey
2000 Mt. Horeb Rd
Princeton WV 24739-7499
Estate Number: 4056
Appointment Date: 03/01/2021
Estate Name: Ronald R. Otey
Executrix Carolyn J. Otey
187 Windy Hill Dr.
Princeton WV 24739-8056
Estate Number: 3982
Appointment Date: 01/20/2021
Estate Name: Wanda Pannell
Executrix Betty J. Gillespie
205 Highland Ave.
Princeton WV 24740-3351
Estate Number: 4064
Appointment Date: 03/04/2021
Estate Name: Betty Jo Patton
Executor Steven M. Patton
P.O. Box 29
Pipestem WV 25979-0029
Estate Number: 4019
Appointment Date: 02/11/2021
Estate Name: Kathy Barbara Perdue
Administratrix Amber Perdue
2516 Jefferson Dr.
Bluefield WV 24701-4814
Estate Number: 4020
Appointment Date: 02/11/2021
Estate Name: Michael Wayne Perdue
Administratrix Amber Perdue
2516 Jefferson Dr.
Bluefield WV 24701-4814
Estate Number: 3948
Appointment Date: 12/21/2020
Estate Name: Robert Phillip Perry
Executrix Janette J. Worrell
211 Cahill Dr.
Princeton WV 24740-3901
Estate Number: 3910
Appointment Date: 11/18/2020 Delinquent
Estate Name: David Lloyd Pitts
Executrix Radine A. Jennings Pitts
4732 Greasy Ridge Rd.
Princeton WV 24739-6803
Estate Number: 4002
Appointment Date: 02/02/2021
Estate Name: Jerry Nelson Raines
Executor Buddy E Raines
219 Sandpiper Ave
Princeton WV 24740-4184
Estate Number: 4051
Appointment Date: 02/24/2021
Estate Name: Helen K Reece
Co Executor Timothy Ray Reece
3155 Fairmead Drive
Concord NC 28025-0421
Co Executor Richard Lee Reece
250 Teaberry Street
Princeton WV 24739-8512
Estate Number: 4043
Appointment Date: 02/22/2021 Referred
Estate Name: James Lee Robinson
Executrix Judy Robinson
2213 Tabor Road
Bluefield WV 24701-7864
Fiduciary Charles W. Pace
Commissioner 617 East Drive
Princeton WV 24740-2041
Estate Number: 3913
Appointment Date: 12/02/2020 Delinquent
Estate Name: Milburn Rose
Administratrix Carla Woodring
535 Pinoak Road
Lashmeet WV 24733-9634
Estate Number: 4033
Appointment Date: 02/12/2021
Estate Name: Hertha A Rowland
Executor Ernest Steven Pritchett
Po Box 192
Princeton WV 24740-0192
Estate Number: 3890
Appointment Date: 11/04/2020 Delinquent
Estate Name: Daisy Ryan
Administratrix Debra Hawkes
CTA 518 East Drive
Princeton WV 24740-2017
Attorney William S. Winfrey, II
1608 W. Main St.
Princeton WV 24740-2626
Estate Number: 4059
Appointment Date: 03/03/2021
Estate Name: Betty Ann Setliff
Administrator James Setliff
15591 Pepmeier Hill Rd
Woodford VA 22580-3517
Estate Number: 3920
Appointment Date: 11/23/2020 Delinquent
Estate Name: Janice J Simons
Executrix Kimberly D Jones
2613 Center Dr
Bluefield WV 24701-4901
Estate Number: 4086
Appointment Date: 03/16/2021
Estate Name: Laben Thomas Spaulding
Administratrix Bonnie Helmandollar
1320 Lortin Lick Rd.
Bluefield WV 24701-7787
Estate Number: 4055
Appointment Date: 02/26/2021
Estate Name: Janie Lucille Tilley
Executrix Sandra Kay Moye
125 Ponderosa Dr
Culloden WV 25517
Estate Number: 3959
Appointment Date: 01/04/2021 Referred
Estate Name: Theodore Richard White
Administrator David Perry White
444 Gardner Loop Road
Princeton WV 24740-6203
Feduciary Ryan J. Flanigan
Commissioner 1407 E. Main Street
Princeton WV 24740-3045
Estate Number: 3931
Appointment Date: 12/15/2020
Estate Name: Marvin Wingate
Administrator Marvin Jason Wingate
1304 Steinbeck Dr.
Apt. F
Raleigh NC 27609-6153
Estate Number: 4111
Appointment Date: 03/23/2021
Estate Name: Martha Jane Wood
Administrator Kristopher Wood
333 1St Street
Apt. 1501
San Francisco CA 94105-2687

Subscribed and sworn to before me on 04/01/2021

County Clerk
Mercer County
1501 West Main Street
Princeton, WV 24740-2600

ID: 489408