Notice of Administration/To Creditors


Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) have been opened for probate in the Mercer County Clerk’s Office at 1501 West Main Street, Princeton, WV 24740-2600. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a will must make a complaint in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Any interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file notice of an objection with the County Commission within 60 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of the service of the notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely, the objection is forever barred. Any person interested in filing claims against an estate must file them in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-2 and 44-3.
Settlement of the estate(s) of the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commissioner unless within 60 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a party of interest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner. Publication Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Claim Deadline Date: Monday, August 9, 2021
Estate Number: 3960
Appointment Date: 01/07/2021 Delinquent
Estate Name: Doyle D. Bailey
Administratrix Marie Bailey
141 Aloe Lane
Princeton WV 24739-8039
Estate Number: 4194
Appointment Date: 05/18/2021
Estate Name: Robert E. Basham
Administrator Channing Wess Basham
137 Falcon Lane
Princeton WV 24740-4107
Estate Number: 4168
Appointment Date: 04/29/2021
Estate Name: VIctoria Jeanette Burton
Administratrix Judy Spangler
173 Northview Avenue
Princeton WV 24740-3825
Estate Number: 4031
Appointment Date: 02/11/2021
Estate Name: Clyde D. Collins Sr
Executrix Sandra Webb
2380 Pine Grove Rd
Lerona WV 25971-9592
Estate Number: 3964
Appointment Date: 01/06/2021 Delinquent
Estate Name: Lee Roy Collins
Exectrix Judith Ann Collins
1953 Rock River Rd
Rock WV 24747-9500
Estate Number: 3966
Appointment Date: 01/07/2021 Delinquent
Estate Name: Vernal R. Dove
Executrix Jessica Goins
Po Box 477
Matoaka WV 24736-0477
Estate Number: 4154
Appointment Date: 04/20/2021
Estate Name: Stanley Eugene Emmert
Administratrix Susan Robinson
155 Prestwick Ln.
Rural Hall NC 27045-9530
Estate Number: 4126
Appointment Date: 03/31/2021
Estate Name: Vernon S. Fields
Executrix VIckie A. Akers
3699 New Hope Rd.
Princeton WV 24739-8120
Estate Number: 4144
Appointment Date: 04/14/2021
Estate Name: Joann Gibson
Administrator Michael Linkous
3431 Coal Heritage Rd.
Bluefield WV 24701-7623
Estate Number: 4075
Appointment Date: 03/09/2021
Estate Name: Paul A Gilley
Executrix Cindy B Gilley
4198 Hinton Road
Athens WV 24712-9656
Estate Number: 4070
Appointment Date: 03/08/2021
Estate Name: Juanita W. Gray
Executor Summit Community Bank
P.O. Box 1559
Bluefield WV 24701
Estate Number: 4196
Appointment Date: 05/19/2021
Estate Name: Anna Lee Greer
Executor Stephen J. Brock
163 Copperfield Dr.
Dayton OH 45415-1264
Estate Number: 4167
Appointment Date: 04/29/2021
Estate Name: Laura Nancy Hodges
Executor Anthony W. Hodges, Sr.
1020 Prosperity School Road
Rock WV 24747
Estate Number: 4163
Appointment Date: 04/27/2021
Estate Name: Harold Wayne Jones
Administratrix Thomasina Jones
1007 Lyndale Ave.
Bluefield WV 24701-3440
Estate Number: 4145
Appointment Date: 04/14/2021
Estate Name: Lillian Jones
Administrator Michael Linkous
3431 Coal Heritage Rd.
Bluefield WV 24701-7623
Estate Number: 3987
Appointment Date: 03/09/2021
Estate Name: Diana Lynn Kiblinger
Executrix Carol Marshall
4913 Terrace Arbor Circle
Midlothian VA 23112-6261
Estate Number: 4172
Appointment Date: 05/04/2021
Estate Name: Ellen R. Lamm
Executor Jack L. Lamm Jr.
706 Tiptop Rd
North Tazewell VA 24630-8115
Estate Number: 3983
Appointment Date: 01/22/2021 Delinquent
Estate Name: Frankie Allen Littleton
Administratrix Lisa Littleton
2206 New Hope Road
Bluefield WV 24701
Attorney John Feuchtenberger
335 New Hope Rd
Princeton WV 24740
Estate Number: 4015
Appointment Date: 02/05/2021
Estate Name: Howard Lawrence Lynch
Executor Ellis Ray Lynch
707 Highland Ave
Princeton WV 24740-3105
Estate Number: 4187
Appointment Date: 05/12/2021
Estate Name: Etta R. Meadows
Exector Richard E. Meadows
192 Eagle Point Rd
Cross SC 29436-3204
Estate Number: 4148
Appointment Date: 04/16/2021
Estate Name: Debbie Kay Miller
Administrator Mark Hartley
229 Lark Lane
Bluefield VA 24605-7026
Estate Number: 4046
Appointment Date: 02/24/2021
Estate Name: Zana Osborne
Administrator Devin Osborne
Po Box 717
Matoaka WV 24736-0717
Estate Number: 4171
Appointment Date: 05/03/2021
Estate Name: Jessee Wayne Pennington
Executrix Billie J. Bennett
161 Gaze Road
Bluefield WV 24701-5373
Estate Number: 4067
Appointment Date: 03/05/2021
Estate Name: William J Roberts Sr
Co Executrix Tanya L Patrick
7824 Stoutsville Pike
Circleville OH 43113-9266
Co Executrix Marcella Ann Newman
2504 Little Georgetown
Hedgesville WV 25427-5927
Attorney W. Michael Frazier
Frazier, Oxley And Proctor, L.C.
Po Box 2808
Huntington WV 25727-2808
Estate Number: 3975
Appointment Date: 01/15/2021 Delinquent
Estate Name: Billy Edward Rose
Administratrix Tina Rose
P.O. Box 213
Kegley WV 24731-0213
Estate Number: 4076
Appointment Date: 03/10/2021
Estate Name: Bernardine Carol Shampo
Administrator Daniel Blankenship
P.O. Box 113
Reidville SC 29375-0113
Estate Number: 4009
Appointment Date: 02/04/2021
Estate Name: Clark Shreve
Administrator Ryan Shreve
217 Marlowe Circle
Morgantown WV 26505
Estate Number: 4045
Appointment Date: 02/23/2021
Estate Name: Keith Barry Shrewsbury
Executrix Michelle Lynn Blake
1964 Reese Harmon Rdg Rd
Rock WV 24747-9327
Estate Number: 3996
Appointment Date: 02/23/2021
Estate Name: Verona L. Smith
Administratrix Tasha Davidson
1609 Mcclung Street
Apt. A
Charleston WV 25311-2420
Estate Number: 4191
Appointment Date: 05/17/2021
Estate Name: Stephanie L. Southern
Administrator Daniel Southern
502 Brookman Ave
Princeton WV 24740-3381
Estate Number: 4116
Appointment Date: 03/26/2021
Estate Name: Shirley Steward
Executor Leonard A. Steward Jr
612 Summit St
Bluefield VA 24605-9419
Estate Number: 4164
Appointment Date: 04/28/2021
Estate Name: Michael Dean Thompson
Administratrix Deborah Mathena
P.O. Box 267
Athens WV 24712-0267
Estate Number: 4109
Appointment Date: 03/22/2021
Estate Name: Lillian I. Vest
Executor Irvin Michael Vest
Po Box 1117
Princeton WV 24740-1117
Estate Number: 4038
Appointment Date: 02/16/2021
Estate Name: John Evie Walls
Executrix Jana Walls
453 Parkview Terrace
Athens WV 24712
Estate Number: 4179
Appointment Date: 05/10/2021
Estate Name: Larry E. Wimmer
Executor Larry E. Wimmer Jr.
908 Stratford Hall Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23452-6327
Estate Number: 4048
Appointment Date: 02/23/2021
Estate Name: Sibyl Davis Wright
Executrix Ima Jo Sizemore
3810 75Th St W 138
Bradenton FL 34209-5858

Subscribed and sworn to before me on 06/03/2021
County Clerk
Mercer County
1501 West Main Street
Princeton, WV 24740-2600

ID: 507144