Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned J. Patrick Jones, Substitute Trustee by Notice of Substitution of Trustee which notice is of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County of Commission of Greenbrier West Virginia, and by Deed of Trust dated February 16, 2006, executed by Robert K. Ringstaff and Helen E. Ringstaff to Richard A. Pill, Trustee, which deed of trust is of record in the Office of the Clerk of Greenbrier County, West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book 577 at Page 295, the undersigned Substitute Trustee has been requested, in writing, by the beneficiary of said deed of trust to sell the real estate described below, as there has been a default under the terms and conditions of said deed of trust.  Therefore, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will sell the real estate described in the Deed of Trust, at a public auction on September 10, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. to the highest bidder at the front door of the Courthouse of said County of Greenbrier, in Lewisburg, West Vir-ginia, which real estate is more completely described as follows:
All that certain tract or parcel of land, situate In Falling Spring Tax District, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, and more particularly bounded and de-scribed as follows:
“Beginning at a point in the center of Beach Creek on  the southwest side of   Brownstown Road, a corner to Opie May Gilbert; thence leaving Browns-town Road and with the line of Gilbert down the center of Beach Greek, S 12-37 W 323.60 feet to a point; thence S 07-20 W 204.93 feet to a point; thence S 22-31 W 127.64 feet to a point; thence leaving Gilbert and Beach Creek and through the property of Gary Sartor, H 73-22 W 470.86 feet to a 1 inch iron pipe set in a field; thence N 16-38 E 454.19 feet to a 1 inch iron pipe set on the southeast side of Brownstown Road; thence with the southeast side of Brownstown Road; thence with the southeast I   side of Brownstown Bead, S 77-45 E 127.83 feet to a point; thence S 87-42 E 200.73 feet to a point in the center of a 25 foot access road; thence continuing with Brownstown Road, N 58-41 E 165.48 feet to the beginning and containing 5.42 acres; and subject to a reservation of a 25 foot access road as set out upon said map and more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the northeast side of Brownstown Road and with the center of the 25 foot wide access road, S 1608 W 164.70 feet to a point in the center of the access road; thence continuing  with the center line of the access road, S 24-10 W 367.57 feet to a point where the access road crosses the line of tract two and containing 0.31 acre.
1 Cash in hand paid on the day of sale.
2.  The sale of the property will be made subject to all matters having priority over the deed of trust referred to herein including but not limited to any and all assessments and taxes against said property, all prior liens, encumbrances, lease, restrictions, covenants, conditions, right of ways and easements of any nature whatsoever.
3. The purchaser shall be responsible for the payment of the transfer taxes imposed by West Virginia Code § 11-22-2.
4. The subject property will be sold in “AS IS” condition.  The Substitute Trustee makes no representations and warranties of any kind or character including, but not limited to, the condition of the real estate or the title to the real estate to be conveyed.
5.  The Substitute Trustee shall be under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the subject property to vacate said property.
6. The Substitute Trustee reserves the right to adjourn the sale, for a time, or from time to time, without further notice by announcement at the time and place of the sale described above.
7.  The beneficiary of the Deed of Trust and holder of the note thereby secured reserves the right to submit a bid for the property at the sale, which bid may be in the form of a credit bid.
8. Such other terms as may be announced at the time of sale.
Given under my hand this 13th day of August 2015.
J. Patrick Jones, Substitute Trustee