Under and by virtue of the authority vested in the undersigned Trustee, by that certain Substitution of Trustee dated January 5, 2014, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Wood County, West Virginia, in General Lien Book 1853, at page 509, and by that certain Deed of Trust dated April 11, 2011, executed by WRECO, LLC, a West Virginia Limited Liability Company, securing Williamstown Bank, Inc., of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in General Lien Book 1647, at page 138, and said Deed of Trust providing that the Trustee on being required so to do by the holder of the Promissory Note secured by said Deed of Trust, should sell the hereinafter described property at public auction, and default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured thereby, and having been requested so to do, the undersigned will sell at public auction on


Friday, December 11, 2015, at 10:00 o’clock a.m.,


at the front door of the Wood County Courthouse in Parkersburg, West Virginia, that certain real estate situate in the District of Williams, County of Wood, and State of­­­­ West Virginia, more particularly bounded and described as follows:


TRACT I: Beginning at a iron pipe found in the common line of Denzil and Dorothy E. Nolan (DB 653/PG 494) and JABO INCORPORATED (DB 939/PG 391) thence with new dividing lines through the aforesaid Nolan tract as follows: N. 19õ 39’ W. crossing the center of a 25-foot wide right-of-way at 238.34 feet a total distance of 205.40 feet to an iron pipe found; thence N. 1õ 05’ 01ã W. 120.06 feet to a 1/2 inch iron rebar set; thence N. 45õ 53’ 02ã E. 135.97 feet to a 1/2 inch rebar set; thence N. 68õ 07’ 54ã E. 284.55 feet to a 1/2 inch iron rebar set; thence S. 54õ 32’ 56ã E. passing the center of a 50-foot wide right-of-way and a 20-foot wide right-of-way at 127.94 feet a total distance of 230.98 to a 1/2 inch rebar set in line of the aforesaid JABO INCORPORATED; thence with line of same S. 43õ 09’ 52ã W. 650.29 feet to the beginning; containing 3.94 acres, more or less, and shown on a plat by Scott F. Stewart, Professional Land Surveyor, dated September 25, 1995, of record in Deed Book 1000, at page 98.


TRACT II: Beginning at an iron pipe found in the common line of the Denzil and Dorothy E. Nolan property, as recorded in Deed Book 653, Page 494, Wood County Records, at the southwest corner of a 3.94 acre parcel of land conveyed to Nolan Industrial Coatings; thence S 43-09-52 W a distance of 105.38 feet to an iron pin set; thence N 42-27-59 W a distance of 204.74 feet to a 3/4ã diameter iron pipe set; thence N 49-50-49 E a distance of 184.83 feet to a 5/8ã rebar set; thence S 19-39-15 E a distance of 205.34 feet to a 2ã diameter pipe found at the place of beginning, containing 0.655 acre more or less, and shown on a plat by Vernon Surveying Co., Professional Surveyors, dated June 20, 1997, of record in Deed Book 1000, at page 98.


Together with that certain non-exclusive, easement and right to use the 25-foot right-of-way shown as a â25’ WIDE R/W TO 1.772 AC. TRACTã, which right-of- way is more particularly described in a Deed dated August 19, 1994, from Denzil W. Nolan, et ux, to Steven D. Mossor, et ux, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Wood County, West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 934, at Page 826, and a non-exclusive easement and right to use any other right-of-way or easement reserved or excepted by Denzil W. Nolan, et ux, and which is useful or beneficial to Tract I or Tract II.


Prior Deed Reference: Book 1000, at page 98.


Also that certain 50’ Right of Way for ingress and egress dated April 16, 2007, from Denzil W. Nolan to WRECO LLC, of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 1112, at page 303.


TERMS OF SALE: Said property will be sold for cash in hand on the day of sale, or acceptable letter of credit, by auction to the highest bidder. The sale shall be further subject to the following:


  1. Real estate taxes delinquent, due or payable or to become due and payable, all of which shall be the responsibility of the purchaser;


  1. Any statutory lien or liens that may affect the subject property;


  1. All covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, easements, and rights-of-way appearing of record in the chain of title to the property, or which may be visible from a physical inspection of the subject property;


  1. All liens and encumbrances of any nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, liens for real estate taxes, and incinerator, sanitary, and sewer charges, having priority over the deed of trust referred to herein.


  1. The purchaser at the sale shall be responsible for paying the costs of recording the Substitute Trustee’s Deed and the tax imposed by the State of West Virginia on the privilege of transferring real property (the cost of the tax stamps to be affixed to the Deed).


  1. All of the property to be sold will be sold âAS IS, WHERE ISã in the present condition and with all faults and defects, if any, and without any warranty or representation, express or implied. The Substitute Trustee shall be under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the real property to vacate said property. The Substitute Trustee will deliver a trustee’s deed to the purchaser without any covenant or warranty (express or implied) in the form prescribed by W. Va. Code Œ 38-1-6. The Substitute Trustee makes no representations and warranties about the title to the real estate to be conveyed. If the Substitute Trustee is unable to convey insurable or marketable title to the purchaser for any reason, purchaser’s sole remedy is return of deposit.


  1. In the event that there are federal tax liens against the property, the United States would have the right to redeem the property within a period of 120 days from the date of such sale or the period allowable for redemption under local law, whichever is longer.


  1. The undersigned Substitute Trustee expressly reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and the right to adjourn the sale from time to time without notice other than oral proclamation at the time and place appointed for the sale. Such adjournment may be for a period of time deemed expedient by the beneficial owner, and shall not be construed to be a waiver of the right to make the sale contemplated by this Notice.


  1. The beneficiary of the Deed of Trust and holder of the Note thereby secured reserves the right to submit a bid for the real property at the sale, which bid may be in the form of a credit bid.


  1. The successful bidder will be required to execute a memorandum of sale upon the acceptance of the successful bid by the Substitute Trustee.


Additional terms of sale may be announced prior to the sale.


Dated this 16th day of November, 2015.


/s/: Steven R. Hardman

Substitute Trustee



Nov 24, Dec 1