The Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a Public Hearing on January 12, 2017 at 2:00 p.m., in the Charles Town Library Conference Room located at 200 East Washington St. (entrance on Samuel St.), Charles Town, WV to hear the following requests. Persons having an interest are invited to attend.

Unless otherwise noted, all requests are pursuant to the Zoning & Land Development Ordinance.

AP16-02 Thomas, Hayden, President

Runnymede Homeowners Association, Appellant

Appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s determination to permit Lisa and James Boyer to operate a dog kennel located at
5404 Kabletown Road, Charles Town, also designated as Parcel 7.10, on Map 5 in the Kabletown (06) Tax District; Parcel size
~57 ac (after merger); Zoned: Rural.
ZV16-27 CTSS, LLC, Owner

107 Keyes Ferry Rd., Charles Town

District: Charles Town (02); Map: 9; Parcel: 8.1;

Size: 2.81 (current), .5 ac (proposed); Zone: RLIC

Variance from Sec. 4.11A.2, & App. B to eliminate the west side and rear property line parking setbacks and landscaping buffers; and, Sec. 8.9A.10 to eliminate the 50’ landscape buffer when within ¼ mile of a controlled access highway.
ZV16-28 Alex Arneson and Christina Firaben, Owners

Briar Run Subdivision, Lot 2

26 Bugs Court, Ranson, WV

District: Charles Town (02); Map: 4E

Parcel: 2; Size: .33 ac; Zone: Rural

Variance from Sec. 5.7(b) to reduce the side setback from 12’ to 10’ for the construction of a 12’ x 20’ attached garage.
All sites will be posted with a green and white placard. Office of Planning & Zoning files may be reviewed during normal business hours or you may view the Agenda and Packet online at

Written submissions to the Board must be received no later than one week prior to the Meeting, for inclusion in their mailed packet. Contact Staff for additional submission requirements.

Questions or Comments may be directed to: 116 E. Washington St., P.O. Box 338, Charles Town, WV 25414;; or call 304-728-3228.

Any party desiring a transcript of these proceedings will be responsible for providing a competent stenographer at their own expense.

By Order of the Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals

Tyler Quynn, Chairman