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To maintain necessary clearances for safe and reliable electric service, Appalachian Power Company plans to manage vegetation along the Hashridge-Little 7 Mile portions of its 34 kilovolt distribution systems in Cabell County, WV. On or after April 10th, crews will begin clearing trees away from power lines. Debris will be removed from streams, roads and maintained areas. In unmaintained or undeveloped areas, cuttings will remain on site so as to minimize soil disturbance and to promote biodegradation.

Rights-of-way in this area involved in the program are: Bermont Lane, Hashridge Road, Swann Drive, Main Street, Allen Avenue, Long Street, Orchard Hills Road, Sansom Court, Depot Street, Mcconkey Avenue, Huddleston Avenue, Nelson Court, Park Avenue, Kuhn Street, Lewis Avenue, Campbell Street, Central Avenue, Piney Way, Highland Park, Fernwood Drive, Woodland Drive, U.S. Route 60, and Bass Avenue. 

If you have questions regarding our right-of-way maintenance they may be directed to:

Appalachian Power Company

Forestry Department

1122 Seventh Ave.

Huntington, WV 25701

(304) 696-1237