NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS – Vegetation Management


To maintain necessary clearances for safe and reliable electric service, Appalachian Power Company plans to manage vegetation along the Flatwood – Elkview portion of its 34 kilovolt distribution system in Kanawha County, WV.  On or about January 20th, 2022, contract crews will begin to trim and remove trees and brush and apply herbicides where applicable along our rights-of-way.  Work will be done in accordance with International Society of Arboriculture guidelines and take into account factors such as tree species, growth characteristics, line voltage, etc.  In unmaintained or undeveloped areas cuttings will remain on site so as to minimize soil disturbance and to promote biodegradation.

Rights-of-way in this area involved in the program are: Poca Fork Rd,. Patterson Fork Rd,. Frame Rd., Aaron’s Fork Rd.,. Wills Creek Rd., Little Sandy Creek, Blue Creek Rd. S.R. 119, S.R. 114 and other taps in the Pinch and Elkview areas that stem from those main roads.

Representatives will attempt to personally contact resident property owners at least seven business days prior to working on their property.  Specifics regarding your property may be discussed at that time.  If you are a nonresident property owner and have questions regarding our right-of-way maintenance they may be directed to:


Appalachian Power Company

Forestry Department

P.O Box 1986

Charleston, WV 25327