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West Virginia, Greenbrier County Commission Regular January 14, 2020 Term
Take notice that the Board of Equalization and Review of Greenbrier County, composed of the County Commissioners of Greenbrier County, will convene at the Courthouse at 9am on the 29th day of January 2020, for the purpose of hearing complaints any tax payer may have as to the assessment placed upon his/her property by the Assessor of this County.
It is the duty of the Board to reduce the value of property if it is too high and to increase it if it is too low. This may be done upon motion of any tax payer interested or upon the Board’s judgment. This Board will meet the tax payers from the several districts and corporations at the Courthouse in the County Commission room of said County, on the following dates: January 29th, February 3rd, February 6th, February 11th, February 14th, February 20th and ending no later than the 28th day of February 2020. Instructed by WV State Code 11-3-24: the County Commission may adjourn sine die anytime after February 15th and will do so if no hearings are scheduled. Anyone desiring to appear before this Board is requested to make an appointment with the Assistant to the County Commission, Kelly Banton, at 304-647-6689 ext. 0, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am and 4:30pm. If the Board finds it proper to do so, it may adjourn from day to day no later than the 29th of February, 2020. Anyone desiring to review their assessment may do so online at or by contacting the Assessor’s office at 304-647-6615.
Lowell Rose,
Greenbrier County Commission President