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BEFORE THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF RALEIGH COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA IN RE: Regina Paisley AB470 ORDER This 1st day of September, 2015, came the Petitioner, Detlef Ulfers, of the Abandoned Building Agency for Raleigh County pursuant to the Raleigh County Abandoned Building Ordinance. Pursuant to note by certified mail to the current land owner, Regina Paisley, set forth by Rule 4 of the West Virginia Ruled of Civil Procedure and Section 4.2 of the Abandoned Building Ordinance. Whereupon, David L. Tolliver, President of the County Commission of Raleigh County called the hearing to order. The Petitioner presented evidence that the structure currently located in Town Tax District, Tax Map 28D, Tax Parcel 105 is abandoned and presents a health and safety hazard to the public. Therefore, the County Commission by unanimous vote issued an Order directing the Respondent, Regina Paisley, to demolish the structure, cut overgrown vegetation, and lawfully dispose of all the debris and other trash/junk within sixty (60) days of entry of the Order. ENTER: September 1, 2015 David L. Tolliver, President Linda K. Epling, Commissioner Byrd E. White III, Commissioner 9-25-FRI-3-RH; L 3413