IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF RALEIGH COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-C-779-B FERMAN RICHARDSON, ADMINISTRATOR DE BONIS NON OF THE ESTATE OF LETHA R. NICHOLS, DECEASED, PLAINTIFF, v. NORRIS PRATHER, BARBARA BIERO, MICKEY BURTZ, SUE MAINER, KAY HAMADA, NITA TALLEY, ARNOLD PRATHER, LEWIS PRATHER, ROBIN PAINTER, KAREN CHADWICK, LIBBY BOGGESS, ELAINE HARDISON, JOHN GALOR, RUTH ANN PRATHER, PEGGY KINCAID, KEVIN KINCAID, MELINDA CLAIR, KRISTENE BERGQUIST, MARK STRONACH, DAVID KINCAID, RICHARD JACOBS, BRIAN JACOBS, LECRECIA WILSON, SHEILA BILLS, WILLIAM C. RICHARDSON, LYNN PETTRY, LLOYD RICHARDSON, MARY EURY, RITA GARY, LATICIA LILLY, KRISTA HAGGARD, MIKE STEVENS, LLOYD STEVENS, ARLENE THOMAS, ARLENE EVELYN HAGGARD, JONATHAN WILLIAMS, BETHANY C. KOCH, ALL HEIRS AT LAW OF LETHA RICHARDSON NICHOLS, DECEASED, ALL UNKNOWN HEIRS AT LAW OF LETHA RICHARDSON NICHOLS, DECEASED, ALL CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF LETHA RICHARDSON NICHOLS, DECEASED, AND ALL UNKNOWN DEFENDANTS, DEFENDANTS. ORDER OF PUBLICATION This action is brought by the Administrator De Bonis Non of the Estate of Letha Nichols, deceased, seeking authorization to sell the real estate that constituted the Decedent’s former home located in Town District, Raleigh County, West Virginia and described as Lot 37 New River Company’s Sprague Subdivision with a street address of 700 Ewart Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia. The Plaintiff, Ferman Richardson, formerly the Executor of the Estate of Letha Nichols, deceased, brought a prior action to set aside her Will and succeeded in recapturing the subject real estate that in the Will had been devised to a stranger to family. The purpose of this Civil Action is seeking authorization to sell by appropriate means the real estate, pay the expenses of and claims against the Estate of Letha R. Nichols that are pending, or that in the future may be incurred in the process of the sale, and thereafter to distribute the net proceeds after paying such costs and claims as the Court may further direct by Order to those persons owning or entitled to an interest in the subject property. It is accordingly Ordered that the Defendants serve upon A. David Abrams, Jr., Plaintiff’s attorney, whose address is PO Box 5038, Beckley, West Virginia 25801, Answers, including any related counterclaim or defense that they or any of them may have to the Complaint filed herein in this action on or before the 30th day of September, 2015. A copy of said Complaint can be obtained from the undersigned clerk at his office. Entered by the Clerk of said Court on the 21st day of August, 2015. HONORABLE PAUL FLANAGAN, CLERK OF COURT 9-9-WED-3-RH; L 3352