AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 5 OF THE ORDINANCE REGULATING THE DISPOSAL AND COLLECTION OF REFUSE, CHARGES FOR REMOVAL BY THE TOWN OF SMITHERS OF SAID REFUSE, AND CREATING A LIEN UPON PROPERTY FOR DEFAULT IN PAYMENT OF CHARGES DUE THE CITY OF SMITHERS FOR REFUSE COLLECTION, REMOVAL, AND DISPOSAL AND PROVIDING PENALTIES Be it enacted by the Council of the City of Smithers, West Virginia, that Section 5 of the ordinance regulating the disposal and collection of refuse, charges for removal by the City of Smithers of said refuse, and creating a lien upon property for default in payment of charges due the City of Smithers for refuse collection, removal and disposal and providing penalties be amended as follows: Section 5: Collection Rates In order to ensure that the garbage collection service authorized by ordinance and provided by the City of Smithers is self-supporting and to eliminate the current deficit between revenues and expenses in providing such garbage collection services in the City of Smithers, the City Council amends the rates and charges for garbage collection for non-commercial accounts as follows: Individual Household $17.50 per month Senior Citizen living alone $13.50 per month Fees for commercial garbage collection accounts shall remain unchanged and are not altered by this amendment. To the extent that the preceding is in conflict with Section 5: Collection Rates, this amendment shall be controlling and shall be deemed an amendment to Section 5: Collection Rates. All provisions of Section 5: Collection Rates and all other provisions of the ordinance and subsequent amendments not expressly modified by this amendment shall remain in full force and effect. This amended Ordinance shall take effect on July 1, 2015. 1st Reading: 2nd Reading: Mayor Recorder 4-1-WED-2-MH; LG 479