Proposed Ordinances

The Council of the City of Fairmont at its regular meeting held
April 27, 2021 introduced and publicly read in its entirety for the first time the following City Ordinances:
• An Ordinance Of The Council Of The City Of Fairmont Enacted Pursuant To The Provisions Of West Virginia Code §8-1-5a Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program, And The City Of Fairmont’s Amended Home Rule Plan Approved April 14, 2021, To Provide Relief From The Provisions Of West Virginia Code §8-13-5 Which Limit The City Of Fairmont’s Authority To Offer Tax Credits From Its Business And Occupation Tax To Business Expansion Credits And To Provide Authority For A Tax Credit From The Business And Occupation Tax Imposed By The Provisions Of Section 761.07 Contracting Of The City Of Fairmont’s Business And Occupation Tax Code For Certain Residential Development.
• An Ordinance Authorizing The Renewal Of That Certain Letter Of Credit, No 2001-525, Issued By Wesbanco Bank To The City Of Fairmont For Purposes Of Satisfying A Portion Of The Self-Insured Security And Insurance Requirements Of The West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act For Fiscal Year 2021-2022.
• An Ordinance Of The Council Of The City Of Fairmont Providing For And Authorizing The Transfer And Conveyance Of Those Certain Parcels Of Real Estate Situate In The City Of Fairmont, Fairmont District, Marion County, West Virginia, To-Wit:
Blk S Ls 19 20 Shadyside
Map 03-30 Parcel 216
Fairmont City District, Marion County, WV
Spence Street Extension; And Lt Albert Court
Map 03-02 Parcel 0008
Fairmont City District, Marion County, WV
215 Albert Court
From The West Virginia State Auditor And Richard Mccoy, Respectively, To The City Of Fairmont; Providing For And Authorizing The Possibility Of The Conveyance And Transfer Of Said Parcels Of Real Estate From The City Of Fairmont To Unidentified Property Owners In Accordance With The City Of Fairmont’s Approved Home Rule Plan And The Ordinances Adopted Thereunder; Approving The Form Of The Transactional Documents; And Authorizing The City Manager To Execute And Deliver Them On Behalf Of The City Of Fairmont; Ratification.
• Introduction, First Reading, Set Public Hearing, An Ordinance Of The Council Of The City Of Fairmont Repealing Article 769 Licensing Of Contractors Of Chapter Three Taxation And Service Charges Of Part Seven Business And Taxation Code Of The City Of Fairmont And Enacting Section 743.21 Fees For Contractors Of Said Chapter Seven, Article Three To Be Effective July 1, 2021.
Copies of the proposed Ordinances are available in the office of the City Clerk, Room 312, 200 Jackson Street, Fairmont, West Virginia.
The Public Hearing on the proposed items will be held at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 in Council Chambers, at the Public Safety Building, 500 Quincy Street, Fairmont, West Virginia.
Any interested person may appear at the public hearing and be heard as to whether or not said proposed Ordinance shall be enacted. All objections and suggestions shall be heard and Council shall take such action as it deems necessary in the premises.
Given under my hand this the 27th day of April, 2021.
Janet L. Keller
City Clerk
Times: April 30, 2021