PSC Case 15 1133 PSD CN

CASE NO. 15-1133-PSD-CN
Application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to extend
its collection system to serve the Echols Acres and Houfnagle Road
neighborhoods just outside of Lewisburg, West Virginia (Phase A).

On July 13, 2015 Greenbrier Public Service District No. 1 (District) filed a duly verified application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to extend its collection system to serve the Echols Acres and Houfnagle Road neighborhoods just outside of Lewisburg, West Virginia (Phase A).
The project will serve approximately 166 customers in the Echols Acres subdivision located just north of the city limits of Lewisburg on US Route 219, as well as approximately 56 customers in the Houfnagle Road neighborhood located west of Lewisburg and extending southward from its intersection with US Route 60.
The application is on file with and available for public inspection at the Public Service Commission, 201 Brooks Street, in Charleston, West Virginia.
The District estimates that construction will cost approximately $3,700,000. It is proposed that the construction will be financed as follows: Sewerage System Refunding and Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2015A (Tax Exempt) in the amount of $3,700,000.
The District anticipates the existing rates will cover the debt service and reserve requirements. No increase in the District’s sewer rates will result from the proposed project. The District will continue to bill under its current sewer rates on file with the Commission:
Applicable within the entire territory served.
Available for general domestic, commercial and industrial service and sale for resale sewer service.
RATES (customers with metered water supply)
First    2,000 gallons used per month    $9.55 per 1,000 gallons
From    8,000 gallons used per month    $7.57 per 1,000 gallons
All Over 10,000 gallons used per month        $6.99 per 1,000 gallons
FLAT RATE CHARGE (customers with non-metered water supply)
Equivalent of 4,500 gallons of water usage    $38.03 per month
No bill will be rendered for less than $19.10 per month which is the equivalent of 2,000 gallons of usage with a 5/8” meter.
A service charge equal to the actual bank fee assessed to the sewer utility up to a maximum of $25.00 will be imposed upon any customer whose check for payment of charges is returned by the bank due to insufficient funds.
Whenever water service has been disconnected for non-payment of sewer bills in conjunction with a water service termination agreement with the City of Lewisburg or City of Ronceverte, a disconnection fee of $15.00 shall be charged, or in the event the delinquent sewer bill is collected by the water company, an administrative fee of $15.00 shall be charged.
Whenever water service has been previously disconnected or otherwise withheld for non-payment of sewer bill in conjunction with a water service termination agreement with the City of Lewisburg or City of Ronceverte is reconnected, a reconnection fee of $15.00 shall be charged.
A deposit of $50.00 or two-twelfths (2/12ths) of the average annual usage of the applicant’s specific customer class, whichever is greater.
The above schedule is net. On all accounts not paid in full when due, ten percent will be added to the net current amount unpaid. This delayed payment penalty is not interest and is to be collected only once for each bill where it is appropriate.
The following charge is to be made whenever the utility installs a new tap to serve an applicant.
A tap fee of $300.00 will be charged to all customers who apply for service outside of a certificate proceeding before the Commission for each new tap to the system.
$2.79 per M gallons is to be used when the bill reflects unusual consumption which can be attributed to eligible leakage on customer’s side of the meter. This rate shall be applied to all such consumption above customer’s historical average usage.
The municipality listed below, having imposed a public utility tax computed on the basis of two percent of revenues from sewer sales by the sewer utility within the corporate limits of such municipality, said tax shall be billed as a “surcharge” to the customers receiving service within said corporate limits.
The sewer utility is required to collect the utility tax pursuant to West Virginia Code Section 8-13-5a.
Customers receiving sewer service within the corporate limits of the specified municipality shall pay a surcharge on the following surcharge rates:
City of Lewisburg    Assessed Local Excise Tax Percent    2.00
Effective Local Excise Tax Percent    2.00
The charge for the treatment of unusual waste will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:
Ci = VoVi – BoBi + SoSi + NoNi
Ci = charge to unusual users per year
Vo = average unit cost of transport and treatment chargeable to volume, in
dollars per gallon
Vi = volume of waste water from unusual users, in gallons per year
Bo = average unit cost of treatment, chargeable to Biochemical Oxygen Demand
(BOD), in dollars per pound (sic)
Bi = weight of BOD from unusual users, in pounds per year
So = average unit cost of treatment (including sludge treatment) chargeable to
total solids, in dollars per pound
Si = weight of total solids from unusual users, in pounds per year
No = average unit costs of treatment chargeable to Nitrogenous Oxygen Demand
(NOD), in dollars per pound
Ni = weight of NOD from unusual users, in pounds per year
When an unusual user is to be served, a preliminary study of its waste, and the cost of transport and treatment thereof, will be made. Waste containing materials, which in the judgment of the Public Service District should not be introduced into the sewer system need not be handled by it. The results of this preliminary study will be used to determine the feasibility of the proposed sewer service and the charge therefore, based upon the formula set out above.
Thereafter, unusual sewage will be monitored on a regular basis and at the conclusion of each fiscal year, based on the aforesaid investigation and audit of the Public Service District records, new cost figures shall be calculated for use in the above formula. The cost of establishing the monitoring facilities shall be paid by the unusual user, or refund given by the Public Service District, as the case may be. Such audited figures shall then be used for the preliminary billing for the next fiscal year, at the end of which an adjustment shall be made as aforesaid.
Whenever the utility has discovered that a customer’s roof drain, down spout, storm sewer or similar facilities conducting surface water have been connected to the utilities sewer system, and such customer has failed to take appropriate action, within thirty (30) days of receipt of a demand by the utility in accordance with the rules of the Public Service Commission, to eliminate such connection, a surcharge will be imposed upon the customer calculated on the basis of the following formula:
S = A x R x .0006233 x C
S = the surcharge in dollars
A     = the area under roof and/or the area of any other water collecting surface
connected to the sanitary sewer, in square feet
R = the measured monthly rainfall as determined by the National Weather
.0006233 = a conversion factor to change inches of rain x square feet of
surface to thousand gallons of water.
C = the District’s approved rate per thousand gallons of metered water usage
The utility shall not impose the surcharge unless and until the customer has been notified by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by hand delivery, that it has been established by smoke testing, dye testing, or on-site inspection that rain or surface water is being introduced into the sanitary sewer system at the customer’s location, and that the customer has not acted within thirty days from receipt of such notice to divert the water from the sanitary sewer system.
Said surcharge shall be calculated and imposed for each month that said condition continues to exist. Failure to pay the surcharge and/or correct the situation shall give rise to the possible termination of water service in accordance with the Rules of the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.
The District has no resale customers.
Anyone desiring to protest or intervene should file a written protest or request to intervene within thirty (30) days following the date of this publication unless otherwise modified by Commission order. Failure to timely protest or request to intervene can affect your right to protest aspects of this certificate case, including any associated rate increases, or to participate in future proceedings. All protests or requests to intervene should briefly state the reason for the protest or request to intervene. Requests to intervene must comply with the rules on intervention set forth in the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. All protests and requests to intervene should be addressed to Ingrid Ferrell, Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323.
In the absence of substantial protests within said thirty (30) day period, Commission may waive formal hearing and render its decision based on the evidence submitted with the application and the Commission’s review thereof.