Marshall, Ohio

Public Notice

Wheeling Park
Oglebay Park
465 Lodge Drive
West Virginia 26003
Invitation to Submit Bid
PROJECT # 22-8
The Wheeling Park Commission, a Municipal Park System located in Wheeling, West Virginia, will receive sealed bids until 2:00pm on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at the front desk in the lobby of Wilson Lodge, Oglebay, 465 Lodge Drive, Wheeling, West Virginia where bids will thereafter be opened and read aloud in a meeting room to be determined at the Lodge for the following project
OGLEBAY FIVE COTTAGES REFURBISHING consists of a General Contract to undertake the refurbishing of five cottages including the installation of LVT flooring and removal of vinyl baseboard and installation of wood baseboard, removal and replacement of bedroom carpeting, removal of kitchen cabinets and counters and installation of new cabinetry with granite tops and associated plumbing/wiring, kitchen equipment, etc. Miscellaneous painting and varnishing of surfaces, cleaning and repair of stone chimneys and hearths, installation of gas insert fireplaces, installation of mirrors and lighting, refurbishing of bathrooms, among other tasks.
Interested bidders may obtain the Project Manuals and bidding documents and tour each cottage by attending a pre-bid meeting to be held at the cottages on Wednesday, December 7th at 11AM at Speidel Cottage #8. After receiving the Bid Package and reviewing the Project Documents bidders will have the opportunity to inspect all 5 cottages, Speidel 8 and 9, Goldenrod, Redbud and Ulmus.
.Bidders are advised that on this Project each bid shall be accompanied by either a certified check payable to the Wheeling Park Commission for 5% of the total bid or a Bid Bond for 5% of the total bid. Each person or firm submitting a bid for any portion of the work shall include their West Virginia Contractor’s License number and shall provide a current copy of their West Virginia Contractor’s License. No Bidder may withdraw their Bid within sixty day of the actual opening thereof. The successful Contractor and Subcontractors must comply with all rules and Regulations of the West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, and must be able to provide proof of general liability and automobile liability insurance that meets the minimum requirements as found in the Project Manual.
The Wheeling Park Commission reserves the right to delete any or all portions of the Bid, waive any informalities or minor defects, and reject any or all bids.

Curt Byrum
Director of Capital Projects
Wheeling Park Commission.
Int. Nov 28, Dec 5, 2022