Public Notice

Notice of Request for Proposals for Engineering Services

The City of Chester is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms to provide engineering study, design and construction management services for improvements to the city streets. Professional services requested will include: (1) Preliminary planning, final design, and preparation for construction contract award; (2) Participation in the evaluation of bids received; and (3) Monitoring and inspection of construction activities to ensure compliance with approved plans and specifications.
Procurement of said services shall be in accordance with The West Virginia State Code Section 5G 1-3. All consultants interested in being considered for this project must submit five (5) copies each by mail or one (1) each by email: (1) Letter of interest; (2) Statement of Qualifications and Experience of staff persons who will be in charge of the project; and (3) References.
The objective of the competitive process is to objectively select the firm who will provide the highest
quality of service for the specified project. Accordingly, technical qualifications and experience will be
weighed heavily. The firms judged most qualified will be invited to be interviewed by the City of
Please submit all requested information to
Mr. Ed Wedgewood, Mayor,
600 Indiana Ave.,
Chester, West Virginia 26034
or preferably by email to
[email protected]
prior to 4:00 p.m. on Friday September 29, 2023.
WDT Sep 18, 25, 2023