Public Notice

The City of Sistersville is
asking for your assistance
in helping us with
verification of service lines
in our water system. The
EPA is mandating that all
water systems in the
United States verify and
document all public and
private water service lines.
The city water department
has knowledge of the
public side. However,
information on the private
lines from the meter to the
customers home is
limited. We ask that you
share this information to
help us fill out the lead
service line inventory,
mandated by the EPA. We
have a deadline of
October 16th 2024 to
identify every line in our
system. Please check all
that is applicable below.
Once complete we have
multiple options to get it
back to us. The form can
be mailed to 200 Diamond
St., dropped off at the city
building, or placed in the
night deposit box located
outside of the city building.
Any information will help
us with the project. If you
have trouble or need help
identifying the plumbing
material you can call us at
(304) 652 6361 and ask
for Jason Rice or Christian
Harris and we will provide
help if needed. We
appreciate your help in
completing this project
and thank you in advance
for all the help that you
can provide.

We will be going door to
door starting February
28th to start handing the
forms out. If you see us
out and have questions,
please stop us and ask us.
We will answer any
questions you may have
as well as assist in
identifying your individual
line if help is required.

Plumbing Material

Home Age /
Construction Year
Year that your home was
built. Or best estimate.

Location / Other Info
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City of Sistersville
TSN 2/28 5041