PUBLIC NOTICE To TONY MOSQUERA and CHRISTOPHER PIKE In Re: KEISHA PIKE, Administratrix of the Estate of JAMES GREGORY PIKE v. JACOB MCNEEL D.O. et al. Circuit Court of Raleigh County, West Virginia Civil Action No. 13-C-330 This serves as a final notice to Tony Mosquera, and Christopher Pike and any other potential heirs of the Estate of JAMES GREGORY PIKE, to inquire or make known their intent to assert a claim, or otherwise exercise their potential rights regarding the death of JAMES GREGORY PIKE, in the claim made by his Estate against Jacob McNeel D.O. et al. Any claim must be made no later than February 2, 2015, at 3:00 p.m., the date and time of the hearing to be held before the Honorable Robert A. Burnside, Jr. Judge, Circuit Court of Raleigh County, West Virginia, wherein the final distribution of the proceeds of this matter will be determined by the Court. Please submit your inquiry and/or intent to exercise said claim to the following individual prior to February 2, 2015, or appear at the scheduled hearing as set forth above: Richard D. Lindsay, Esquire Tabor Lindsay & Associates PO Box 1269 Charleston, WV 25325 (304) 344-5155 2-2-MON-3-RH; L 2471