Public Notice

The City of Benwood is providing Public Notice that it currently owns and maintains twelve combined sewer overflows (CSO’S) discharge points within its service area. These CSO’S have the potential to discharg diluted wastewater, storm water or snow melt mixed with domestic/commercial waste water to the Ohio River and its tributaries within Benwood’s service area during and immediately after rain storm/ snow melt events. All CSO’S discharge points have been clearly indentified with signs for the general public. Each CSO has Benwood’s national pollutant discharge elimination system number and the particular outfall number.
Therefore it is advised that the public should refrain from contact with water bodies within the immediate area or downstream of the CSO discharge point for a period of at least twenty four (24) to forty eight (48) hours after the event. If a discharge is noticed during dry weather the public is asked to notify the City of Benwood with the location and CSO number immediately at 304-232-4320 during business hours 9:00am- 5:00pm Monday through Friday, after office hours, weekends and holidays 304-232-2121.
For further information contact:

City of Benwood
430 Main St.
Benwood, WV 26031
Phone: 304-232-4320
FAX: 304-232-3393
Int. Jan. 22, 2015
N.R. Jan. 22, 2015