Public Notice

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF HARRISON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA GREATER HARRISON COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT, a public corporation, Petitioner, v. Case No. 20-C-56 ESTATE OF ANTHONY DEMARY, and its UNKNOWN HEIRS, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS. Respondents. NOTICE OF FILING OF PETITION AND HEARING ON RIGHT-OF-ENTRY Respondents, The Estate of Anthony DeMary, and its unknown heirs, Successors and Assigns, will please take notice that on the 7th of May, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., the undersigned counsel for Greater Harrison County Public Service District will appear before the Honorable Christopher J. McCarthy, Judge of the Circuit Court of Harrison County, WV in the Harrison County Courthouse, 4th floor, in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and will, at said time and place, move the Court for the entry of an Order granting Greater Harrison County Public Service District, Petitioner herein, the right to immediately enter upon, possess, and appropriate the lands and interests described in the Petition previously filed for the construction of a public service system. The specific parcel subject to this proceeding is particularly referenced on a plat filed as “Exhibit A” with the Petition maintained in the Office of the Circuit Clerk of Harrison County, West Virginia, and being the same property situate in Harrison County, West Virginia, in Clay District and shown in the Office of the Assessor of Harrison County, WV, as Parcels 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of Tax Map 907, with the property owners listed as David P. Lester and Anthony DeMary Estate, in care of David and Martha Lester. The subject property is being appropriated for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a sewage collection, transmission, and treatment system in the area of Enterprise, WV, which is necessary and incidental for public uses and purposes within the confines of the said Greater Harrison County Public Service District, and has been fully permitted by the District’s regulatory agencies. You may be present at the above-stated time and place to protect your interests as they may appear. Sam H. Harrold, III (WV State Bar No. 9064) Counsel for Greater Harrison County Public Service District Telephone: (304) 715-3800