Public Notice

State of Connecticut
Superior Court of Hartford Betty A. Maxwell V. George R. Maxwell
Notice to
Betty A. Maxwell

The Court has reviewed the Motion for Order of Notice in Family Cases and the Motion for Modification, After Judgment which asks for modification of Alimony payments. The Plaintiff is ordered to attend a court hearing on September 9, 2015, at 9:00 a.m., at 90 Washington Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106.
The Court find that the Plaintiff’s current address is unknown and that all reasonable efforts to find the Plaintiff have failed. The Court also finds that the Plaintiff’s last known address was 600 Winston Churchill Drive, Apt. 13, Hopwell, Virginia 23860, but the Plaintiff has moved to West Virginia.
THE COURT ORDERS that the notice be given to the plaintiff by placing a lega notice in the Intelligencer, a newspaper in Wheeling, West Virginia, containing a true and attested copy of this Order of Notice, and the accompanying Motion for Modification. After Judgment containing the Order for Hearing and Summons.
This notice shall appear once a week for two successive weeks on or before August 20, 2015, and proof of service shall be filled with this court.

Attest: Maryann Douglas
State Marshal
Hartfor County
Int. Aug. 10, 17, 2015