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Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Wheeling Urbanized Area has been apportioned funds through what has been known as Section 5307 of the Federal Transit Act of 1964, as amended. Also the Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority (OVRTA) and the Eastern Ohio Regional Transit Authority (EORTA), as the designated recipients of funds through this program, intend to submit an application for operating assistance for fiscal year 2016. The federal share of operating assistance to be applied for by the OVRTA and the EORTA is $1,086,752 as follows:
Operating Assistance – Requested Federal Assistance: $1,086,752 (OVRTA request $682,760; EORTA request $403,992.) Anyone who wishes to comment on the application should submit their remarks in writing, to the following address: Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority, 21 South Huron Street, Wheeling, WV 26003. Anyone who desires to examine the complete application, the Project Budget and/or request that a public hearing be held, should contact Mr. Thomas E. Hvizdos, Executive Director, at (304) 232-2190, between 8am & 5pm, Monday through Friday, from August 12, 2015 through September 12, 2015. Further unless in- put received during the comment period affects the above Program of Projects, notice is hereby given that this is the final Program of Projects that will be incorporated into the grant application.
Int. Aug. 12, 19, 2015