PUBLIC NOTICE Beckley Sanitary Board is attempting to locate the following individuals who have a credit balance or a deposit that has not been refunded: Aguayo, Jaime; Airport Video; Bolen III, Robert E and Lisa; Bradley, Katrica C; Bringhurst, Chad; Brogan II, Kevin L; Browning, Adam; Causey, Dietra A; Christian, Adam B; Coalson, Shane B; Debellis, Daniel B; Freed, Scott J; Gause, Michael; Gillespie, Sarah; Gwinn, Randy and Joyce; Haileselassie, Mihret D; Hall Jr, Franklin R; Harvey, Jared W; Hope, Chrystal; Izcoa, April D; Jackson, Monica M; Jones, Jeremy L; Kincannon, Asia D; Lambert, Carl; Laramie, Tonja L; Lewis, Joe D; Lewis, Wayne G; McCoy, James; McGuffin, Betty Jean; Morris, Tausha J.; Oneal, Jaimee; Parsons, Russell; Patnaik, D; Pickle, Eladene; Pudder, Eliza D; Reed, Carrie J; Rowland, Rodney; Saunders, Lashawn K; Simon, Carolyn; Slice N Bite LLC; Smith, Rickey H; Stewart, Justin D and Michelle L; Taste Of India; Taylor, Terrance L and Jami L; Tibbs, Casey R; Trent, Bobby Scott; Whitt, Kassandra L; Whittamore, David H and Ishia; Witten, Jesse T; Wood, Jill E Please contact the Beckley Sanitary Board (304) 256-1760, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 301 South Heber Street, Beckley, WV 25801. After October 1, 2015 all credits over two years old will be forwarded to the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office. 8-28-FRI-1-RH; L 3359