Public Notice

New Martinsville
Water & Sanitary Sewer

Public Service

As part of our regular
maintenance program, the
New Martinsville Water &
Sewer Department will be
flushing fire hydrants in
the Downtown area of
New Martinsville south of
Williams Run beginning
Wednesday November
04, 2020 thru Friday
November 20, 2020

During this time,
customers may
experience discolored
water. If this occurs, open
your cold water taps and
let the water run for 30
minutes or until the water
runs clear.

Please take care with
laundry as staining may
occur if the water is
discolored. If you have
any questions, call
455-9130 or 455-9100
after hours.

NM Water & Sanitary
Sewer Board
WC 11/11 11/18 14666