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Public Notice

Public Notice
The Town of Davis, in accordance with their NPDES Permit, maintains and operates a sanitary sewer collection and treatment facility serving residents within and near the Town of Davis.
A portion of the wastewater systems operates as combined system with combined sewer overflows (CSO’s), which means during rain events, storm water runoff is carried into the sanitary sewer lines. During heavy rain events, the system could become overloaded with storm and sanitary wastewater and discharge into the receiving streams.
During dry weather, these overflows do not normally pose a concern and the system can handle flows to the wastewater treatment plant. However, be advised that during storm events or snow melt, these overflows may discharge and pose a potential health risk from contact with the river at this point. You are advised to avoid contact with the water during these overflow events. Should you observe a discharge event or have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the Town of Davis, City Hall at 304-259-5302.
Listed below are the latitude and longitude of the three (3) overflow locations. Please note that each outlet is identified by outfall markers.
Outlet Number    Location    Receiving Stream
003    Latitude 39°07’38.4    Blackwater River
Longitude 79°28’04.5
004    Latitude 39°07’38.8    Blackwater River
Longitude 79°28’06.7
005    Latitude 39°08’34.5    Beaver Creek of
Longitude 79°27’00.7    Blackwater River