Public Notice

The Wetzel County Board of Education is seeking bids for diesel fuel and gasoline for the period of December 20, 2015 through October 31, 2016. The following criteria must be met before the bid will be awarded:

1.Anticipated need will be 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 4,000 gallons of gasoline.
2.Diesel fuel must comply with all federal and state standard requirements, and must be of top quality.
3.Unleaded gasoline must be of regular-grade quality with a guaranteed octane rating of 87.
4.Supply temporary above ground tanks with lockable electric pumps at the following sites:
Wetzel County School Bus Garage, State Rts. 7/20, New Martinsville, WV
1 diesel tank
1 gasoline tank
Short Line School, State Rt. 20, Reader, WV
1 diesel tank
Hundred Bus Parking Area, State Rt. 7,
Hundred, WV
1 diesel tank
5.Maintain and repair any electric pump, nozzle, or hose at the suppliers expense.
6.Provide a containment dike for each fuel tank or double wall tanks.
7.Remove any and all debris and liquid from within the containment dike semi-annually. (Documentation dates must be provided to County)
8.Comply with all federal and state EPA rules, regulations, and findings.
9.Accept full responsibility for cleanup and damages if leakage occurs due to tank, pump, or delivery defect accident negligence.
10.Supplier will test diesel fuel and gasoline for purity/content and report findings to the Wetzel County Board of Education if requested.
11.The Director of Ancillary Services or designated employee will have the right to take a sample of the fuel from the truck before a storage tank is filled.
12. If the need arises, the successful bidder will notify the Director of Ancillary Services or designated employee when a delivery is made.
13. Fees, fines, or costs that have been assessed to any oil company that are passed on to the consumer are to be included in the quoted bid. An example would be the Federal Superfund Cost and Federal Excise Tax.
14. The Wetzel County Board of Education is to be given an unsecured line of credit for purchasing requirements.
15.The bid is to be on an escalator scale.
16.The Wetzel County Board of Education, Superintendent, and/or the Director of Ancillary Services reserve the right to cancel or rebid at any time within ten (10) days + written notice, if delivery, product and/or pricing/billing of product do not meet required standards.
17. The diesel tanks provided by you must be cleaned prior to the first scheduled delivery date.

Bids will be accepted until December 17, 2015 at 2:00 pm. The successful bidder will be notified shortly thereafter. Send all bids and inquiries to:

Wetzel County Schools
ATTN: Brian Jones – FUEL BID
333 Foundry Street
New Martinsville, WV 26155
Phone No. (304) 455-2441
FAX No. (304) 455-3446

The Wetzel County Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any and/all bids, to award the contract to other than the low bidder, to accept any or all alternates, to waive irregularities and/or formalities, and in general to make the award in any manner deemed by it, in its sole discretion to be in the best interest of the Wetzel County Schools.
Wetzel County Schools reserves the right to extend the annual fuel bid for two years not to exceed (3) additional years at all escalator scale.

Leatha Williams,
Board of Education of Wetzel County
Int. Nov. 18, 25, 2015
N.R. Nov. 18, 25, 2015