Marshall, Ohio

Public Notice

The City of Wheeling’s Public Works Department through the Water Pollution Control Division (WPCD) is providing public notice that it currently owns and maintains 42 combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharge points within its service area. These CSO’s have the potential to discharge combined sewage (storm water runoff mixed with sanitary sewage) to the Ohio River and its tributaries within WPCD’s service area during and immediately after rainfall events. All CSO discharge points have been clearly marked for easy identification by the general public. Each CSO location has a 24″ x 24″ sign which identifies the City NPDES number and the particular outfall CSO number.

Therefore, it’s advised that the public should refrain from contact with water bodies within the immediate area or downstream of the CSO discharge point for a period of at least 24 hours after a rainfall event or 0.10 inches or greater.

In the event that an overflow discharge is observed during dry weather conditions, the public is asked to notify Water Pollution Control Division with the location, CSO identification number, and time of occurrence as soon as possible.

For further information regarding the City of Wheeling’s Combined Sewer Overflow Program or to report a dry weather CSO overflow occurrence, please contact:

Virgil Smith
CSO Specialist
Water Pollution
Control Division
2516 Main Street
PO Box 6348
Wheeling, WV 26003
Tel:(304) 234-3874
Fax: (304) 234-3873