Marshall, Ohio

Public Notice

Notice of Data Incident
On April 5, 2021, CaptureRx informed Walmart of a security incident that affected a hosting service used by CaptureRxin connection with a pharmacy benefits program. That program is administered by CaptureRx for clinics and pharmacies. CaptureRx identified unusual activity involving certain electronic files, immediately began an investigation, and worked quickly to assess the security of its systems. On February 19, 2021, the investigation determined that certain files were accessed and acquired on February 6, 2021 without authorization. Walmart’s information systems were not affected by this incident. CaptureRx determined that the information included patient names, dates of birth, and prescription information such as prescription number and service dates. CaptureRx maintained the affected information in connection witha pharmacy benefits program CaptureRx administers for manyhealth care providers, such as clinics and pharmacies. CaptureRx has posted additional information about the incident at https://www.capturerx.
Walmart’s systems were not impacted. However, we will be reviewing CaptureRx’s security practices and monitoring the circumstances surrounding this event. CaptureRxis sending individual notices to affected patients regarding this incident. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact their dedicated call center at (855) 654-0919. As a reminder, please be vigilant when reviewing explanations of benefits and other information pertaining to you or your dependents and always be cautious about requests to provide any personal or financial information over the phone, by text, or by email. Be sure to always verify the source of any request for such information. Walmart places great value in its patients’ trust. We are fully committed to protecting the privacy and security of patients’ personal information.
Intel., May 12, 2021