PUBLIC NOTICE OF BLASTING OPERATIONS Notice is hereby given that Powellton Coal Company, L.L.C.; P.O. Box 158, Bickmore, WV 25019; Phone (304) 587-6300, intends to conduct blasting operations on the following mine permits: S-3004-00, S-3003-01, O-3007-00, O-3005-00, U-0288, and S-3002-07. The mining operations are located in Valley District of Fayette County, approximately two point eight (2.8) miles southwest of Swiss, West Virginia. Blasting activities will be conducted in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws. Blasting operations will commence and continue in accordance with the following schedule: Between sunrise and sunset, Monday through Saturday, commencing February 28, 2015 through February 28, 2016, unless emergency situations where rain, lightning or other atmospheric conditions, or operator or public safety dictate otherwise. No Blasting will be conducted on Sunday. Public access to the blasting area will be controlled and safeguarded against unauthorized entry by guarding and/or blocking the access roads before and immediately after each blast. Three minutes before each blast, a warning signal audible to a range of one-half (1/2) mile from the blast site will be given. This pre-blast warning shall consist of three (3) short warning signals of five (5) seconds duration, with five (5) seconds between each signal. The “ALL CLEAR” signal shall be indicated by one (1) signal of twenty (20) seconds duration. Signals shall be given by air horn or other appropriate device, audible to a range of one-half (1/2) mile. 2-12-THR-1-FT; LG 115