(Tariff Form 8) PUBLIC NOTICE OF CHANGE IN WASTEWATER RATES WEST VIRGINIA-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY Notice is hereby given that WEST VIRGINIA-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY, a public utility, has filed with the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA a tariff containing a requested increase in rates, tolls, and charges for furnishing wastewater service to approximately 1,100 customers in Fayette County. The proposed increased rates and charges will become effective May 30, 2015, unless otherwise ordered by the Public Service Commission, and will produce, on a total Company basis, $176,895 annually in additional revenues, or an overall increase in revenues of approximately 22.30{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c}, with such revenues being collected from customers as more fully described herein. The Company expects that the Commission will order the suspension of the new rates and charges for the full 300-day suspension period under West Virginia Code c24-2-4a, or until February 24, 2016. The following schedule shows the change from rates currently in effect based on representative levels of water usage and the monthly dollar and percentage changes if the full rate increase is granted. The rate increases shown above are based on averages for customers in the indicated class at varying usages. Individual customers may receive increases that are greater or less than average. Furthermore, the requested rates and charges are only a proposal and are subject to change (increase or decrease) by the Public Service Commission in its review of this filing. Any increase in rates and charges will not become effective until authorized and approved by the Public Service Commission. If a hearing is conducted, notice will be given of the time and place of hearing. A complete copy of the Company’s tariff proposals and a representative of the Company to provide information concerning this tariff are available to all customers, prospective customers or their agents at the following offices: West Virginia-American Water Central Division 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Charleston, WV 25302 West Virginia-American Water Southern Division 12 Mile Road @ Route 460 Princeton, West Virginia 24740 Anyone desiring to intervene and act as a party in either of these cases should file on or before July 29, 2015 a Petition to Intervene complying with the Commission rules on intervention in the Rules of Practice and Procedure, 150 C.S.R. 1. Anyone desiring to protest should file a written protest as soon as possible although protests will be accepted by the Commission through the pendency of this proceeding. All written protests should briefly state the reason for the protest. All protests and Petitions to Intervene should clearly state the case name and number and be addressed to Ingrid Ferrell, Executive Secretary, Public Service Commission of West Virginia, P.O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323. A copy of this tariff is also available for public inspection at the Offices of the Secretary of the Public Service Commission at 201 Brooks Street, Charleston, West Virginia 25301. 5-14-THR-2-FT; LG 224