REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Spire Properties, Inc. is soliciting lump sum proposals for the replacement of the flat roof on the historic building at 306 South Kanawha Street; Beckley, WV 25801. This project is to be completed within 90 days after selection of contractor. Services: The Contractor must carry out work in compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Wage rates paid by contractors must comply with the “West Virginia Fair Minimum Wage Rates” (Prevailing Wages). The contractor must be licensed to do work in the Beckley, West Virginia area and must obtain all relevant building permits. A photograph of the building is attached. Scope of Work: Furnish all materials, equipment, and perform all labor necessary for the completion of the building at 306 South Kanawha Street; Beckley, WV 25801 which includes: 1. Remove and dispose of existing roof layers. Inspect decking for repairs or replacement (using 5/8 inch plywood). 2. Install 1 1/2 inch fiberboard roof insulation. 3. Apply new 60mm single ply membrane roofing using mechanically fastened installation method. 4. Clean, prime and seal all seams and end laps of rubber with overlap as recommended by manufacturer and per NRCA standards. 5. At all plumbing, ventilation, and projections through roof, flashing, and counter flashing will be applied as per NRCA standards. 6. Extend membrane up parapet walls, curbs, and roof projections at minimum of 12 inches. 7. Properly caulk top of all flashing. 8. Use drip edge to terminate the membrane. 9. Roof drains will be rebuilt. 10. Furnish standard 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. 11. All work to be performed in a professional manner. 12. Remove and dispose of all job related debris. It is unknown at this time if the current roof contains asbestos. Work to include all labor, equipment, material, insurance, permits / licenses, and workers compensation. Contractors must comply with the State Prevailing Wage Rates as provided by the West Virginia Department of Labor. Qualifications: Ability to complete project in a timely manner, proven experience with similar projects of this type and possessing a West Virginia contractor’s license. Expressions of Interest: Contractors wishing to be considered shall submit the following to me no later than January 30, 2015. Letter of interest including lump sum / unit bid prices to perform the following: 1. EDPM Rubber Roof Lump Sum. 2. Plywood Decking per square foot. 3. Coping Around Perimeter of Roof per Linear Foot. Selection Process The owners will review all proposals and select a contractor for the project subject to the approval of the West Virginia Historic Preservation Office. Selection will be based on (1) Cost and (2) Experience with historic rehabilitation projects and (3) proven ability to complete the work. The owners will make their selection within two weeks after the bids received date and would like to sign a contract by February 20, 2015. Payment Process: Contractors will be paid for work completed. The last payment will be held until work is completed and approved by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office. If you have any questions regarding the scope of work, qualification requirements, information needed in the expression of interest, selection process, or payment process please contact (304) 461-9272. R. Shane Southern President Spire Properties, Inc. 1-19-MON-2-RH L 2367