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Sale at Public Auction

Notice is hereby given that the following described tracts or lots of land in the County of Greenbrier have been certified by the Auditor of the State of West Virginia to G. Russell Rollyson, Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered lands of said County, for sale at public auction. The lands will be offered for sale by the undersigned Deputy Commissioner at public auction in the Hall of Greenbrier County Courthouse beginning at 9:00 AM in the morning, on the 13th day of August 2015.
Each tract or lot as described below, will be sold to the highest bidder. The payment for any tract or lot purchased at a sale shall be made by check or money order payable to the sheriff of the county and delivered before the close of business on the day of the sale. If any of said tracts or lots remain unsold following the auction, they will be subject to sale by the Deputy Commissioner without additional advertising or public auction. The deputy commissioner sale may include tracts or lots remaining unsold from a previous auction not required by law to be readvertised and described for this subsequent auction of those same tracts and lots. All sales are subject to the approval of the Auditor of the State of West Virginia.
131914    2011    Garten G Thomas Et Al        30’ Access Road 1.35 Ac (C)    Frankford
131915    2011    Boothe Dustin Lee        Lot 116 Leslie S/D Gnr Fin Leslie WV    Meadow Bluff
131917    2011    Fox John G Jr Et Ux        Lt 22 Blk 11 Levelton Land & Improve    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
CO 8th St 50×94 From Campbell
131918    2011    MDR Inc 2011    Milam Danny    Lt 7 Blk 19 Levelton Land & Improve Co    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
D & Dianne    5th St 50×94 Rainelle Fr Bryant (2011) Lt
2012 & 2013    7 Blk 19 Levelton Land & Improve Co
5th St 50×92 Rainelle From MDR Inc
131919    2011    Roberts Betty C        Lots 2 & 2A And P/O Lot 3 (Con 3 Tracts)    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
Highland Add Kanawha Turnpike
131920    2011    Collins Russell R Et Ux        Lt 4 Poca Ave 50x70x50x80    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131921    2011    Johnson Mary Estate        Lt 14 Hurxthal’s Add 39x100x40x95    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
Front St
131922    2011    Johnson Mary L Estate        Lt 36 Hurxthal’s Add 50×100 Prospect St    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131923    2011     Johnson Mary L Estate        Lt 38 Hurxthal’s Add 50×100 Prospect St     Fort Spring     Ronceverte
131924     2011     Johnson Mary L Estate        Lt 40 Hurxthal’s Add 50×100 Prospect St     Fort Spring     Ronceverte    131925    2011    Johnson Mary L Estate        Lt 28 Hurxthal’s Add 50×100 Fair St    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131926    2011    Johnson Mary L Estate        Lt 30 Hurxthal’s Add 111x130x93 Fair St    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131927    2011    Johnson Mary L Estate        Lot 16    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131928    2011    Landis Harold        40’ R/W From New River Poca    Fort Spring    Ronceverte                    Land/Deputy Land Comm
131929    2011    Utley Betty        Route 60 & 11th St Rupert    Meadow Bluff    Rupert
30×117(S)x30x112(S) (3222 SF (B) From
131931    2011    Hedrick Teresa Carol Et Vir    1 A Thacker Comm 2011-12 1 Ac    Williamsburg
Minerals Only Thacker Comm 2013
131933    2012    Aleshire Barbara        Part Lot 11 or 5302.5 Sq Ft    Fort Spring
131934    2012     Boggs Almeda        2000 Sq Ft Boggs Per Survivorship    Frankford
131935    2012    Boggs Almeda        2970 Sq Ft Boggs Per Surviviorship    Frankford
131936    2012    Burt Louise 2012-13    Gerger Vivian    Ac .19 (C) (Lot 14 Less SF (B) Lot 14    Meadow Bluff
M Eichel 2014    Leslie S/D A St Rt 20 Leslie WV
131937    2012    Hendrix Marguerite A (Surv)    Lot 84 & 85 (Cons 2 Tracts) Crichton S/D    Meadow Bluff
Nancy Ave (From Nicley)
131938    2012    McClung Michael A Et Ux        Acreage .11 (D) Fr Ripley Lot 79    Meadow Bluff
Riverside Addn McRoss
131939    2012    McClung Michael A Et Ux        Acreage .15 (D) Fr Ripley Lot 78    Meadow Bluff
Riverside Addn McRoss
131941    2012    Redden Michael W        11,655 Sq Ft From Redden    Meadow Bluff
& Wendy M
131942    2012    Taylor William F Et Ux        Ac .33 (D) (Pt Lot 39 (Amick-B) US 60    Meadow Bluff
Riverside Addn McRoss
131943    2012    White Robert C Estate        Lot 65 Leslie Subdiv A Leslie W Va    Meadow Bluff
(White) 80x150x75x148
131944    2012    White Robert C Estate        Lot 63 Leslie Subdiv A Leslie W Va Agee    Meadow Bluff
131945    2012    Percoco Leo Et Ux        Lot 29 (Surface) Quin Hts Fr Amer    Meadow Bluff    Quinwood
General 89.9×56.9×55.1×71.2
131946    2012    Fox John G Jr ET Ux        Lt 1 Blk 11 Levelton Land & Improve Co    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
Horton Ave 31.3×90 Campbell-
Lexington Land Co
131947    2011    Denali Improvements LLC    Romeo    Lt 9 Blk 10 Levelton Land & Improve 8th    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
2011BT/2012 Land    Investments    St 50×94 Persinger From Denali &
Recovery Management     2013    Deputy Comm 2011 & 2012 Lt 9 Blk 10
2012 & 2014        Levelton Land & Improve 8th St 50×94
Persinger From Land Recovery Mgmt
131948    2012    McQuain Howard E    Smith    Pt Lt 6 Blk 21 Main St Rainell E 1×90    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
Et Ux 2012-13    Glenmore &    Bennett
Sandi 2014
131950    2012    Nutter Norman        Lt 24 Blk 12 Levelton Land & Improve    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
Co 8th St 50×94 Rainelle
131951    2012    Nutter Norman        Lt 22 Blk 12 Main St Rainelle 31.3×90    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
131952    2012    Nutter Norman        Lt 23 Blk 12 Main St Rainelle 31.3×90    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
131954    2012    Stelzig Michael W Et Ux        Lt 9 Blk 15 Levelton Land & Improve Co    Meadow Bluff    Rainelle
6th St 50×94 Rainelle Fr Callison
131955    2012    Hicks Patrick &    J L Services    Lt 40 Main St 50×100 From Lewis    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
Kristy 2012-13    LLC 2014
131956    2011    Wright Betty L    Romeo    Pt Lot 6 22×58 Monroe Ave Burton    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
2011BT/2012 Land    Investments    2011BT/2012 Pt Lot 6 22×58 Monroe
Recovery    2013    Ave From Wright & Deputy Comm
Management         2012-2014
2012 & 2014
131957    2012    Landis Harold Et Ux        4760 Sq Ft Jackson Land Comm    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131958    2012    Landis Harold Et Ux        Part Lot 8 Paulin Land Comm    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131959    2012    McDonald David Et Al        Lots 29 30 Perrine    Fort Spring    Ronceverte
131960    2012    Dorsey Mildred    Dorsey    Pear Clark St & R R Rupert 124x230x193    Meadow Bluff    Rupert
Estate 2012    Mildred    (12068 Sq Ft (B)
Estate 2013-14
131961    2012     Kirkendall Debra &        Ac.50 (D) From Hernandez Justice Mill     White Sulphur    White Sulphur
Kirkendall James        108x120x80x118
Any of the aforesaid tracts or lots may be redeemed by any person entitled to pay the taxes thereon at any time prior to the sale by payment to the Deputy Commissioner of the total amount of taxes, interest, and charges thereon up to the date of redemption. Lands listed above as escheated or waste and unappropriated lands may not be redeemed.
Given under my hands this 18th day of June 2015.

G. Russell Rollyson, Jr.
Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered
Lands for Tucker County