PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINA CHARLESTON Issued: March 27, 2020 CASE NO. 19-1137-PWD-19A EAST VIEW PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT, a public utility, Clarksburg, Harrison County, Rule 19A application to increase water rates and charges. PROCEDURAL ORDER This Order directs the posting and publication of the Notice of Application to Change Rates, Tariff Form No. BACKGROUND On November 25, 2019, the East View Public Service District (District) filed a Rule 19A proceeding to increase its water rates and charges. On December 31, 2019, the Commission issued a Procedural Order referring the matter to the Division of Administrative Law Judges with decision due date of July 20, 2020. Staff filed its Final Joint Memorandum on March 9, 2020, recommending an increase in rates. Staff also recommended that the District be required to make accounting changes to comply with the Commission’s General Order 183.11. As of the date of this Order, the District has not objected to the Staff recommendations. On March 17, 2020, the Commission issued General Order 262, extending the decision due date in this and other matters by two months, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. ORDER IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that the East View Public Service District provide notice of the proposed rate change to its customers by publishing a copy of the Notice of Application to Changed Rates, Tariff No. 10, attached hereto as Appendix A, once in a newspaper published and generally circulated in each county in which it serves customers. The District shall also mail a copy of this notice to any resale customers that it may have. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the District file with the Commission Affidavits of Publication indicating that it properly published notice, as soon as possible but no later than twenty days from the date of this Procedural Order. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that if the District has any objections to the Staff recommendations, that they be filed no later than ten days from the date of this Order. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Executive Secretary serve this Order upon Commission Staff by hand delivery, upon all parties of record who have filed an e-service agreement with the Commission by electronic service and upon all other parties by U.S. Certified Mail, return receipt requested. Darren Olofson Administrative Law Judge PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON TARIFF FORM NO. 10 (Tariff Rule No. 19A) NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO CHANGE RATES EAST VIEW PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT The East View Public Service District has filed a request with the West Virginia Public Service Commission for an increase in its rates. The Staff of the Public Service Commission has reviewed the application and recommended the following increase: CURRENT STAFF RECOMMENDED Rates (for customers with metered water supply, per month) Service Charge $10.61 $12.03 Usage Charge per 1,000 Gallons $5.15 $5.84 Minimum Charge $10.61 $12.03 The Commission may adopt rates and charges for the District which are the same as , greater than or less than the Staff-recommended rates and charges. Anyone desiring to protest the proposed changes must do so in writing with in ten days of the date of publication of this notice. All protests should be addressed to the Executive Secretary, Public Service Commission of West Virginia, P.O. Box 812, Charleston, WV 25323. To help the Commission determine the justification for additional review and investigation, protests should be specific as to reasons that the changed rates and charges should be modified. In addition, anyone desiring a hearing in this matter must demand a hearing in the letter of protest. If no substantial protest is filed, the Staff-recommended rates may be approved without hearing. EAST VIEW PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT