REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS GLENVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY RFP #GSU23-002 CLARK HALL ROOFING Glenville State University is requesting proposals to provide all Work, including but not limited to all labor, material, equipment, supplies, transportation and travel expenses for the design, removal, and replacement of the Clark Hall roof. The project is located[Read More…]

DEP Public Notice Application for Class 5 Underground Injection Control Permit

State of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Division of Water and Waste Management PUBLIC NOTICE WEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION’S, PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE, 601 57TH STREET SE, CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25304-2345 TELEPHONE: (304) 926-0440, TDD: (304) 926-0493 and VOICE-TO-TDD RELAY: 1-800-422-5700. APPLICATION FOR A CLASS 5 UNDERGROUND INJECTION[Read More…]

Invitation for Bids – Town of Franklin

INVITATION FOR BIDS TOWN OF FRANKLIN PENDLETON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA CONTRACT NO. 1: WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS CONTRACT NO. 3: HANOVER WATER STORAGE TANK REPAINTING Sealed bids for the construction of Contract No. 1: Water Treatment System Improvements and/or Contract No. 3: Hanover Water Storage Tank Repainting will be received[Read More…]

Public Notice Invitation for Bids

Public Notice Invitation for Bids Pendleton Community Care, Inc. (Owner) located in Franklin, West Virginia seeks bids from properly qualified general contractors for work to Owner’s property located at 82 Pine Street in Franklin, West Virginia. The project is described as construction of an addition totaling approximately 1,577 square feet[Read More…]

Public Service Commission LCS Services, Inc.

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON CASE NO. 22-0748-SWF-PC LCS SERVICES, INC., a solid waste facility, Hedgesville, Berkeley County, and PANHANDLE PUMPING, INC., a corporation. Joint Petition for consent and approval of a Landfill Disposal Capacity Contract between LCS Services, Inc., and Panhandle Pumping, Inc. NOTICE On August 10,[Read More…]

Notice of Trustee’s Sale

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE is hereby given pursuant to and by virtue of the authority vested in the Substitute Trustee, Pill & Pill, PLLC, by that certain Deed of Trust dated December 28, 2013, executed by the Borrowers, Armanda D. Heavner and Stephen W. Heavner, to[Read More…]