Fernow Experimental Forest Project comment

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Opportunity to Comment on the Fernow Experimental Forest 10-Year Research Actions Project
The Northern Research Station, Timber and Watershed Laboratory, is preparing an environmental assessment (EA) for the Fernow Experimental Forest 10-Year Research Actions (Fernow Project). This project focuses on the continuation of long-term research studies on the experimental forest. The Fernow Project is a 4,615-acre project area located in Tucker county near the town of Parsons.
Proposed activities include: diameter-limit harvest on 94 acres, single-tree selection on 267 acres, 18 to 42 acres of patch clearcutting (0.4 acres per patch), clearcut harvesting on 5 acres, final shelterwood harvest removal on 77 acres, prescribed fire treatment on 398 acres, and fertilization of 4 acres with ammonium sulfate fertilizer and dolomitic lime.
The proposed project documents are available online at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=57946. Documents are also available for review at the Timber and Watershed Laboratory office in Parsons, WV.
Hard copies or additional information regarding this project can be requested from Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, Research Forester, at 304-478-2000, and melissa.thomasvangundy@usda.gov.
How to Comment and Timeframe
This project is subject to pre-decisional administrative review, also referred to as the objection process (36 CFR 218 Subparts A and B). The opportunity to comment ends 30 days following the date of publication of this legal notice in the Grant County Press. Only those who submit timely and specific written comments (§218.2) regarding the proposed project or activity during a public comment period established by the responsible official are eligible to file an objection (§218.24(b)(6)). For issues to be raised in objections, they must be based on previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project or activity and attributed to the objector. The publication date of the legal notice in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to submit written comments on a proposed project or activity. It is the responsibility of all individuals and organizations to ensure that their comments are received in a timely manner. Communications from the public regarding this project, including commenter’s names and contact information, will become part of the public record. Anonymous comments and comments submitted after the close of the final designated comment period will not provide the commenter standing for administrative review.
Written comments must be submitted to: Timber & Watershed Laboratory Attn: Fernow EA, 459 Nursery Bottom Rd. P.O. Box 404 Parsons, WV, 26287, by fax at (304) 478-8692, electronically at http://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/ef/locations/wv/fernow/EA/ or by email at SM.FS.fernow_fs@usda.gov. The office business hours for those submitting hand-delivered comments are: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Electronic comments must be submitted in a format such as an email message, plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rft), or Word (.doc or .docx). Please state “Fernow Project” in the subject line when providing electronic comments, or on the envelope when replying by mail.