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-Waiver of Final Settlement of the estate of Billie Gene Cook, deceased, by Charles Douglas Cook, Executor

-Annual Accounting of United Bank, Trustee, under the will of Virginia Q. Luttrell, deceased

-Waiver of Final Settlement of Louis Starcher, deceased, by Sharla R. McFarland, Administratrix C.T.A.D.B.N.

-Annual Settlement of Huntington Bank, Trustee of the Harold C. Parsons Educational Trust

-Waiver of Final Settlement of Inez R. Postlewait, deceased, by Linda L. Schwartz, Administratrix C.T.A.D.B.N.

-Waiver of Final Settlement of Elsie Aileene Van Horn, deceased, by Jerry A. Brock, Executor


  1. Vance Golden, III

Fiduciary Commissioner



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