Genesis HealthCare – Parkersburg Center

Genesis HealthCare – Parkersburg Center

Parkersburg, WV

December 31, 2014





Current Assets

Cash in Bank                                                                        41,525

Accounts Receivable                                                          602,822

Inventories                                                                           28,815

Prepaids & Other Current Assets                                          (7,524)

Related Party Accounts                                                 6,589,745

Total Current Assets                                                                               7,255,383


Property and Equipment Net                                                                                7,649,080

Identifiable Intangible Assets – Favorable Lease                                                                 0

Other Assets                                                                                                                     0

Total Assets                                                                                          14,904,463




Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable                                                              183,666

Accrued Expenses & Payroll Withholdings                          222,180

Current maturities of long-term obligations                                    0

Total Current Liabilities                                                                               405,846


Long Term Liabilities

Escheatable Funds                                                                       0

L/T Debt Capital Lease Obligation                                 14.086,430

Deferred G/L Straight-Lining Leases                                              0

LT Debt Financing Obligation                                                        0

Total long Term Liabilities                                                                      14,086,430

Equity                                                                                                                      412,186

Total Liabilities and Equity                                                                    14,904,463


Genesis HealthCare – Parkersburg Center

Parkersburg, WV

December 31, 2014




Nursing Home Revenue                                                   6,223,892

Other Operating                                                                       (16)

Total Operating Revenue                                                                        6,223,876



Nursing Services                                                              1,675,836

General and Administrative                                              1,284,637

Other Operating                                                              1,554,115

Lease                                                                                            0

Interest                                                                            1,005,581

Depreciation and Amortization                                            320,450

Non-Recurring                                                                               0

Total Expenses                                                                                     5,840,620

Net Income                                                                                                              383,256


Genesis HealthCare – Parkersburg Center

Parkersburg, WV

December 31, 2014


Net Income                                                                                                       383,256

Adjustment to reconcile net income


Case Flows from Operating Activities

Depreciation & Amortization                                                320,450

Increase in trade receivables                                            (102,670)

Increase in tinventory                                                           (4,190)

Increase in prepaid & other current assets                               (611)

Decrease in accounts payable & accrued expenses           (51,544)

Increase in related party accounts                                    (724,367)


Net cash used by operating activities                                                             (179,676)


Cash Flows from Investing Activities

Increase in Property, Plant, & Equip                                   (35,501)

Decrease in deferred financing costs                                             0

Net cash used in investing activities                                                                 (35,501)


Cash Flows from Financing Activities

Increase in L/T Debt Capital Lease Obligations                  235,489

Contributed capital                                                                        0

Increase in LT Debt – Financing Obligation                                    0

Increase in Deferred G/L Straight-Lining Leases                            0

Net cash provided by financing activities                                                          235,489


Increase in cash balance                                                                                           20,312

Cash, beginning of the year                                                                                     21,213

Cash, end of the year                                                                                               41,525


OWNERSHIP: Genesis WV Holdings LLC


The statements are provided pursuant to the Health Care Facility Disclosure Laws. I certify that the above audited statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. This financial data is available for public inspection at the office of the West Virginia Health Care Cost Review Authority, 100 Dee Drive, Charleston, WV during regular hours, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on any business day.



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