Grass Mowing/Trimming Bids

Hampshire County Parks and
Recreation Commission
PO Box 213
Romney, WV  26757

The Hampshire County Parks and Recreation Commission is requesting bids for the mowing and trimming to be done weekly during the peak growing season and then every other week after that. The mowing/trimming period is typically late April through September.  Please submit copies of your county business license and a copy of your liability insurance with your bids. All bids must be received in writing by April 13, 2015, at the office address listed above.  A monthly invoice is expected which includes the date(s) of the mowing, the cost of each mowing and a total cost for the month.

Location #1

The old Capon Bridge Middle School park is located on Cold Stream Road in Capon Bridge. The mowing area begins at the fence along the south parking lot, continuing in front of the old school building, over and up to the basketball and tennis courts, down the hill to Cold Stream Road, and along the inside and outside of the fence that runs parallel to Cold Stream Road, back to the south parking lot. The total area is approximately 2 acres.

Bid Price__________________ per mowing/trimming