Hampshire County, West Virginia

Reconciliation Of The Statement Of Revenues, Expenditures
And Changes In Fund Balances Of Governmental Funds To
The Statement Of Activities
For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015

Amounts reported for governmental activities in the statement of
Activities are different because:

Net Changes In Fund Balances – total governmental fund    $  (723,828.03)

Capital outlays are reported as an expenditure in the governmental
funds. In the statement of activities, the cost of those assets is
allocated over their estimated useful lives and reported as depreciation
expense. This is the amount of depreciation expense charged during
the year. (Note IV.C.)

County         (160,952.78)
Building commission – adjusted to balance expenses on
financial statement    (115,563.00)

Revenues in the statement of activities that do not provide current
financial resources are not reported as revenues in the funds. (Note II)

Deferred Revenues – Excess levies                  $186,093.30
Prior Deferred Revenues – Excess levies           ($28,119.50)
Prior Deferred Revenues – General County        ($204,103.42)
Deferred Revenues – General County                $212,193.24    166,063.62

Some expenses reported in the statement of activities do not require
the use of current financial resources and, therefore, are not reported
as expenditures in governmental funds.

Bonds – adjust beginning balance    4,997.41
Compensated absences    (58,134.38)

Changes in net assets of governmental activities    $ (877,417.16)