HealthSouth Western Hills Rehabilitation Hospital Financial Disclosure

HealthSouth Western Hills

Rehabilitation Hospital

Financial Disclosure


Dollars in Thousands

Balance Sheet



Cash                                                                        2,602

Net Receivables                                                       3,202

Other Assets                                                               166

Total Current Assets                                       5,970

Net Plant, Property and Equipment                          2,701

Net Intangible Assets                                             12,287

Total Assets                                                 20,958

Liabilities and Equity

Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses                      942

Intercompany Payable                                                    —

Total Current Liabilities                                      942

Other Liabilities                                                               —

Stockholders Equity                                               20,016

Total Liabilities & Equity                               20,958

Statement Of Operations

Year Ended 12/31/2016

Net Revenues                                                        17,256

Total Expenses                                                      16,670

Income From Operations                                             586

Net Interest Expense                                                      3

Net Income Before Income Taxes                     583

Statement of Changes in Stockholdersá Equity

Stockholdersá Equity – December 31, 2016             20,016

Stockholdersá Equity – December 31, 2015             19,433

Change in Stockholdersá Equity                         583


A prominent notice that the details concerning the contents together with the other reports, statements and schedules required to be filed are available for public inspection and copying at the:

Health Care Cost Review Authority

100 Dee Drive

Charleston, WV 25311

Western Hills Rehabilitation Hospital is affiliated with HealthSouth Corporation, Birmingham, AL, a public company.

Notice: The financial statements contained herein may not include certain eliminations, consolidation adjustments, and segment level amounts included in HealthSouthás consolidated financial statements.



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