Sealed proposals will be received by Michael Fitzwater, Calhoun County Schools, 540 Alan B. Mollohan Drive, Mt. Zion, WV 26151, until 1:30, July 13 2018 prevailing time, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.


Bid forms and specifications may be obtained at the office of Michael Fitzwater, 540 Alan B. Mollohan Drive, Mt. Zion, WV 26151. Please contact via phone at 304-354-7011, ext. 318; or by email at


Proposals should be on forms furnished by the School District. Envelopes containing bid proposals shall be clearly marked with the words: âBID ­ Sidewalk Resurfacing/Replacement at Pleasant Hill Elementary Schoolã. Bids may be faxed to 304-354-6070 as an alternative to mailing; or they may also be emailed to; it is the bidder’s responsibility to insure the bids are received by the COO of Administrative Services’Office.


The Calhoun County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or waive any informality therein and award the contract to the bidder which it believes will serve its best interests.




Bid Preparation


To assure the Calhoun County Board of Education that all bidders are being offered an equal opportunity to bid and that all bidders are bidding on equal materials and conditions, the Instructions to Bidder must be adhered to. Any deviation shall be considered sufficient cause for rejection of a bid:


  1. If bidding other than specified, please adhere to following as well and make written and/or verbal notice to the Calhoun County Schools representative, Michael Fitzwater, one (1) day prior to bid date.


  1. The product numbers and/or brand names (if and when) used in the specifications are to indicate a minimum standard of acceptable quality and if not stated âor equalã shall be implied. It is not the intent to limit acceptance to any one material or product specified, but rather to name or describe it as the absolute minimum standard that is desired or acceptable. However, if a bidder bids an item(s) other than what is specified, he shall so indicate, and the responsibility of providing a substituted item as an equal to that specified shall be the duty of the bidder; it shall not be the responsibility of the Calhoun County Board of Education. Proof of an item(s) being equal shall accompany the bid and be indexed to the item(s) as contained in the specifications. The Calhoun County Board of Education reserves the absolute authority to determine the equivalency of a substitution to a specified product. By making requests for substitution the contractor warrants:


  1. That he has personally investigated the proposed substitute product and determined that it is equal or superior in all aspects to that specified.


  1. That the vendor will provide the same warranty for the substitution that the contractor would for the specified product.


  1. That the vendorás bid is complete and includes all related costs under the contract and he hereby waives all claims for additional costs related to the substitution, which subsequently becomes apparent.


  1. The total of each bid shall be firm and irrevocable. Please use the attached bid form when bidding. Bid prices shall include the cost of material, and all costs involved in meeting the requirements of the West Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and shall be FOB to our Maintenance facility in Calhoun County, WV.


No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of ten (10) days after the opening of bids. The Calhoun County Board of Education shall have a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of opening for issuing notice of acceptance and the awarding of the contract.


  1. The Calhoun County Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to waive any informalities or irregularities in any bid received. The Board will award the contract to that bidder which it believes will serve its best interests.


  1. The successful bidder will be required to furnish the following prior to beginning work on the project specified in this document: A copy of their West Virginia contractor’s license (or installers if bidder subcontracting); a copy of the certificate of Workers’ Compensation; and a certificate of insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00 general aggregate, $1,000,000.00 products complete operations aggregate, $1,000,000.00 personal and advertising injury limit, and $1,000,000.00 each occurrence limit, with the Calhoun County Board of Education named as additional insured.


  1. Bid amount is to include all materials and labor required to complete project. If bidding more than $25,000, if awarded bid, bidder will be required to furnish Performance & Payment Bond for 100% of project.


  1. All contractors and subcontractors must comply with the âWest Virginia Job Actã requirement found in Chapter 21, Article 1C of the West Virginia Code and all Department of Labor regulations.


Bid Delivery


All bid envelopes shall be properly marked on the envelope âBID ­ Sidewalk Resurfacing/Replacement at Pleasant Hill Elementary Schoolã. If bidder is sending fax to 304-354-7420, or email to, please make sure to write âBID ­ Sidewalk Resurfacing/Replacement at Pleasant Hill Elementary Schoolã on the cover sheet.


Bidder Responsibilities


Bidders must satisfy themselves by personal examination of the proposed work, or by such other means as they prefer, as to the correctness of any quantities listed in the proposal, and shall not, after submission of the proposal, dispute or complain of such estimate, or assert there was any misunderstanding in regard to the nature or amount of the work to be done and shall assume all risk resulting from any changes in the conditions which may occur during the progress of the work. The term âworkã shall include all labor and material to complete the project.


The bidder is expected to base his bid on material and equipment complying fully with the specifications and, in the event he names or includes in his bid materials or equipment which do not conform, he will, if awarded a contract, be responsible to furnish materials and equipment which fully conform, at no additional charge, to the contract.


The Calhoun County Board of Education reserves the right to require any bidder to furnish, free of charge, samples of the bid products tagged with bidderás name and bid identification. Samples not used or destroyed in testing will be returned to the bidder at bidderás request and expense.


The bidder shall furnish, assemble, and install all items as herein specified and shall uncrate, clean, install, test, operate, demonstrate and/or take all such other actions as may be necessary to place the product into a completely usable condition. All installation shall be performed in accordance with applicable West Virginia and local codes.


Bidder shall repair any damages to the school building or premises thereof, caused in the delivery, installation or testing of items listed in the proposal. Further, bidder shall remove from the site any or all dirt and debris and packing material resulting from such delivery, and/or work performed under the awarded bid.


The Calhoun County Board of Education is exempt from Federal, State and local taxes; therefore, bid prices shall be net of any taxes.




FOR: BID ­ Sidewalk Resurfacing/Replacement at

          Pleasant Hill Elementary School


In accordance with the advertisement inviting bids and in conformity with specifications, bidding requirements and addenda listed hereafter, the bidder hereby certifies that:


(1) Bidder is the only person interested in this bid as principal.

(2) Bidder, if lowest qualified bidder and awarded bid once approved, accepts this bid form along with bid specifications and Purchase Order as a binding contract.

(3) An examination has been made of the specifications attached as a schedule to this invitation to bid package, plus any additional subsequent specifications, addenda, and bulletins submitted and made a part hereof.

(4) The bidder has had sufficient time to investigate and review all relevant information and has based the following bid on his own independent examination and investigation.

(5) The bidder proposes to furnish all necessary equipment, tools, labor and other devices, in the manner and at the time prescribed and he understands the specified equipment to be furnished at the following prices and that said prices include all of Bidderás applicable Federal, State and local taxes.

(6) The bidder hereby certifies that this bid is made without collusion with any person, firm or corporation.

(7) BID FOR Sidewalk Repair:         $_______________


(8) TOTAL COST OF PROJECT      $_______________


(9) EARLIEST START DATE           ________________


Bidding Company Name and Address:________________



FEIN: _________________________________________

Bidding Company Representative: ___________________

Representative Signaturer _________________________

Date: ___________________ Phone: ________________

Email: _________________________________________

Fax: __________________________________________


Summary of Project


Sidewalk Resurfacing/Replacement at

Pleasant Hill Elementary School


  1. Resurfacing and/or replacement of all concrete side

walks at the front of the building.

  1. Bid to include all material and labor as well as any other

cost associated with this project.

  1. All materials used in delivery and installation process

are to be removed from site in a timely manner.

  1. Interested bidders are required to visit site to ascertain

the amount of work to be done as the above measurements are approximations.

  1. Preliminary design plans are included in bid package,

all measurements are approximations and are subject

to change.

  1. All bids are considered final once received. To schedule

appointment to visit the site contact Michael Fitzwater, COO of Administrative Services, (304) 354-7011, Ext. 318.


Owner Responsibility


  1. Owner to provide access to site for delivery.
  2. Questions regarding bid process need to be addressed

to Andrew Metheney, Treasurer/Chief School Business Official at 304-354-7011, Ext. 321

  1. Questions regarding the scope of the project

should be directed to Michael Fitzwater, COO of Administrative Services, at 304-354-7011, Ext. 318.



Jul 12, 19