Legal Notice


The Town of Worthington will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 5:30 P.M. at the Town of Worthington Town Hall, 247 Main Street, P.O. Box 265, Worthington, WV 26591.

The Town of Worthington intends to submit an application for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to the West Virginia Department of Economic Development.

The purpose of this public hearing is to solicit views and proposals from citizens with regard to community development, housing needs & broadband planning and infrastructure development to:

* Solicit views and proposals from citizens with regard to community development, housing needs, and broadband planning & infrastructure development;
* Discuss the Citizens Participation process;
* Describe the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987;
* Describe the state-administered program;
* Discuss the possible amount of funding for which the Town may apply;
* Discuss the eligible actities and national objectives;
* Discuss other program requirements;

Pertinent program information is available for public inspection, and copying, upon request to the Town of Worthington.

The State of West Virginia’s FY 2023 CDBG allocation is approximately $14,211,637 million. The Town of Worthington is eligible to apply for up to $3,000,000 in Community Development Block Grant Funds.

Written views and comments will be received until 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 and should be addressed to the Town of Worthington at the above-mentioned address.

The Town of Worthington encourages all citizens to attend or provide written comments, especially citizens who are elderly, low-income, handicapped or minorities and who live in low-moderate income neighborhoods or live in areas of slums or blight. Any non-English speaking or handicapped persons wishing to attend should contact the Town of Worthington at (304) 287-2238 so that proper accommodations can be made.

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Legal Notice


CASE NO. 23-0940-C-PC

Application for Designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier.


On December 14, 2023, IM Telecom, LLC dba Infiniti Mobile (IM Telecom) a public telephone utility, applied to the Public Service Commission, pursuant to Section 214(e)(2) of the Telecommunication Act of 1996, as amended (Act), for designation as an Eligible Telecommunication Carrier (ETC) in West Virginia to obtain federal universal service fund (USF) support for providing wireless Lifeline services. IM Telecom meets all the necessary qualifications to be designated an ETC under the Act solely to participate and provide services supported by low-income USF programs. IM Telecom will provide wireless voice, text and data services to subscribers which benefits eligible wireless customers by increasing competitive choices.

According to Commission guidelines, a carrier seeking ETC status must advertise on a regular basis in media targeted to the general residential market throughout its service area, and in a manner substantially similar to the media that the serving incumbent local exchange carrier advertises.

A carrier seeking ETC status must also offer the supporting services required by Section 214(e)(2). This carrier is capable of providing these required service offerings and is currently offering them in its service territory. The Commission has granted the Application. IM Telecom will provide these services under the name of Infiniti Mobile.

This Notice is being provided in accordance with Commission requirements and is not for the purpose of seeking public comment or protest.

IM Telecom, LLC, dba Infiniti Mobile