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City of Vienna


On or about August 13, 2015 the City of Vienna will submit to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development its One Year Action Plan for 2015 ­ 2016. This Plan projects the use of Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds by the City of Vienna. The total amount of funds available is $85,254. The following is a summary of the proposed uses of these federal entitlement funds for fiscal year 2015 ­ 2016.


  1. Improvements to Community Infrastructure:


Senior Citizens Center Parking Lot                                     $25,000.00

Sidewalk from Senior Citizens High Rise to Pond Run area                                                                                                                                                                                                 $22,254.00


  1. Enhancement/Public Services


Housing – Emergency Repair Program/HVAC                      $8,000.00

Housing – Window Replacement Program                           $15,000.00


  1. Planning and Administration


General Administration                                                       $15,000.00

Total                                          $85,254.00


The purpose of this public notice is to inform affected citizens and to invite public comments on the proposed budget of the Community Development Block Grant Program. As part of its Citizen Participation Plan, the City will hold a public hearing on the proposed plans on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 4:00 pm in the Vienna City Building, City Council Chambers, 609 29th Street, Vienna, WV. The City will also receive written comments on this proposed plan until August 11, 2015. Comments should be submitted to:


City of Vienna

PO Box 5097

Vienna, WV 26105

ATTENTION: Steve Black


The City will consider comments received, and if appropriate, modify the proposed budget. The proposed plan is available for review during business hours in the Office of the Vienna Finance Director 9 am ­ 4 pm Monday through Friday and at the Vienna Public Library. For further information please contact:


City of Vienna

Steve Black, Finance Director

PO Box 5097

Vienna, WV 26105

304-295-5070 Ext. 332


The location is handicapped accessible.




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