Legal Notices

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF KANAWHA COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA IN RE: PETITION FOR NAME CHANGE OF ETHAN HUNTER LACY CIVIL ACTION NO. 22-P-340 JUDGE: BAILEY PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME Comes now Petitioner Ethan Hunter Lacy, also known as Ethan Hunter Davis, by counsel, and for his Petition for Change of Name, states the following: 1. Petitioner is a bona fide citizen and resident of Kanawha County, West Virginia, and has been a resident thereof for more than one year prior to the filing of this Petition. 2. Petitioner’s biological father is Vernon Wayne Huffman, Jr., however, Petitioner was adopted by Robert L. Lacy on April 3, 2009. His birth certificate lists his name as “Ethan Hunter Lacy;” his Social Security card lists his name as “Ethan Hunter Lacy;” and his Driver’s License lists his name as “Ethan Hunter Lacy.” Copies of said documents are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, marked collectively as Exhibit 1. 3. Petitioner was raised by his mother, Tara Suzanne Davis, and her husband, Richard Lee Davis and now desires to formally change his last name from “Lacy” to “Davis.” Accordingly, Petitioner desires to change his legal name to “Ethan Hunter Davis.” 4. This proposed name change is not for purposes of avoiding debt or creditors. 5. Petitioner is not a registered sex offender pursuant to any state or federal law. 6. The proposed name change is not sought for purposes of avoiding any state or federal law regarding identity. 7. The proposed name change is not sought for any improper or illegal purpose. 8. Petitioner is not a convicted felon in any jurisdiction. 9. The proposed name change is not sought for any purpose of evading detection, identification, or arrest by any local, state, or federal law-enforcement agency. 10. Petitioner is not seeking to protect his identity for personal safety reasons. WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays that this Honorable Court change his legal name to “Ethan Hunter Davis” and grant him such other further and general relief as the Court deems appropriate under the circumstances. ETHAN HUNTER DAVIS By Counsel Lisa M. Moye (W.Va. Bar # 8582) Moye Law Firm 116 Prosperity Place Cross Lanes, WV 25313 (304) 693-2331 LC-137415 09-241/80-01;2022