Legal Notices

REQUEST FOR BIDS HEAVY EQUIPMENT LABOR SERVICES The Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority, a Public Corporation in the State of West Virginia is seeking sealed bids for heavy equipment labor services. The bids will be for heavy equipment labor for a period of twelve (12) months. The bidder must be qualified to provide labor for repairs on all pieces of heavy equipment listed in the bid specifications. Bid specifications can be picked up at the Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority Office located at 180 Appalachian Outpost Trail in Man, West Virginia or via email request to Kayla Badgett at Sealed bids will be accepted by the Authority until 11 AM on March 12, 2021. Bids will be opened on March 12, 2021 at Noon at their Administrative Office located at 180 Appalachian Outpost Trail, Man West Virginia. LC-106266 02-23/03-02;2021