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No Meeting

This is a correction to a previous legal ad. There is no meeting for the City of Fairmont Planning Commission on April 14th.
The City of Fairmont’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the following request on April 21st, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. at the Public Safety Building, 500 Quincy Street, at which time interested persons may appear and be heard concerning the following:
• Text Amendments to Article 3.1.4 – City Center district and Article 5.4 Parking of the City of Fairmont Zoning Code. These amendments include the following: eliminating the minimum parking requirements for the City Center District; adjusting regulations for driveways, how to calculate minimum required parking, stacking spaces for drive-throughs, and loading requirements; adding regulations for bicycle parking and handicapped parking.
• Text Amendments to Article 8.9 – Board of Zoning Appeals clarifying the expiration of approved variances and conditional uses.
• Text Amendments to Article 5.5 Landscaping Requirements and Article 5.8 Fences and Vegetative Screening. These amendments include reformatting for clarity, creating five buffer yard types, clarify exceptions for buffer yards, clarifies how buffer yards and other setback regulations overlap, clarifies visual obstruction for front yard fences, creates exceptions for commercial use front yard fences, and permits fences to be built on adjacent contiguous parcels under the same ownership under certain conditions.
Jamie Greene, President
Fairmont Planning
Times; April 8, 2021