TRUSTEE’S SALE OF 1312 COLLEGE ESTATES ROAD, CEDAR BLUFF, VA 24609 In execution of a Deed of Trust in the original principal amount of $125,600.00, with an annual interest rate of 6.750000{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c} from JASON R. SHELTON AND PEARLLENA SHELTON dated September 8, 2006, recorded among the land records of the Circuit Court for the COUNTY OF TAZEWELL as Deed Book 0981, Page 0341, the undersigned appointed Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction in the COUNTY OF TAZEWELL, at the front of the Circuit Court building for the County of Tazewell located at 101 Main Street, Tazewell, Virginia on April 20, 2015 at 2:30 PM, the property with improvements to wit: All those certain lots or parcel of land, situate at or near Wardell, in Maiden Spring Magisterial District, Tazewell County, Virginia, and shown and designated as Lots Nos. 12, 13, 14 and 15, as shown and designated on that certain plat entitled ‘College Estate Subdivision” with certificate by L. C. Munsey and other dated September 4, 1970, and of record in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of Tazewell County, Virginia, in Deed Book 358, page 16. As appurtenant to the property herein conveyed, the said parties of the first part further grant and convey unto the said Grantors, with the right of survivorship, a one-third interest in and to a well located on Lot No. 11, as shown on said plat entitled “College Estates Subdivision”, together with the right to lay and maintain and repair a water line to said well, together with the right of ingress and egress and regress to the extent that it is necessary for the use, operation and maintenance of said well and said water line; which water rights were acquired by Stephen N. Wingo and Jeannie G. Wingo by that deed as recorded in deed Book 422, page 428; reference is here made to a deed from Helton Homes, Inc. to Jessie Lee Fuller and wife, dated September 17, 1971, and recorded in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office for a more complete description of the water rights herein conveyed. There is EXCEPTED AND RESERVED from this conveyance that certain 217.74 feet of Lot 15 as conveyed by Dean A. Ball and Margaret L. Ball to Kevin R. Vance and Sara Vance by deed dated August 8, 2002 and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tazewell County, Virginia in Deed Book 858, page 82, reference to which is hereby made for a more particular description of the real property hereby conveyed. PARCEL NO. 2: All that certain property together with all improvements thereon and all appurtenances thereunto and easements benefitting the same, situate in Maiden Springs Magisterial District, Tazewell County, Virginia designated and described as a small triangular portion in the southwest corner of Lot 16, being that parcel shown and designated as the 231.22 square feet to be added to Lot 15 as shown and described on that certain map or plat entitled “PLAT SHOWING A NEW DIVISION LINE BETWEEN LOTS 15 & 16 OF COLLEGE ESTATES, SAID LINE BEING AGREED TO BY THE PRESENT OWNERS OF SAID LOTS TAZEWELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA”, a copy of which map or plat is recorded in Deed Book 858, page 85 AND further described in the above Deed of Trust. (Tax Map No. 168A0700120015) THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bidder’s deposit of $15,000.00 or 10{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c} of the sale price, whichever is lower, will be required in cash, certified or cashier’s check. Settlement within fifteen (15) days of sale, otherwise Trustees may forfeit deposit. Additional terms to be announced at sale. Loan type: Conventional. Reference Number 15-246850. PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Substitute Trustees, C/O SHAPIRO & BROWN, LLP, 10021 Balls Ford Road, Suite 200, Manassas, Virginia 20109 (703) 449-5800.