CITY OF BLUEFIELD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BLUEFIELD BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN To The Citizens of the City of Bluefield And Other Interested Persons You will please take notice, and you are hereby notified that on May 12, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. the City Board of Directors of Bluefield, West Virginia will hold a Public Hearing to be held in the Municipal Complex, 200 Rogers Street, Bluefield, West Virginia. The subject of that hearing is to receive public comment on a proposed Ordinance, whose principal purpose is to Amend Part II, Chapter 8 Businesses and Business Regulation; By Adoption of Section 8-0, and by the Amendments to Sections 8-2(b), 8-4(1), 8-9, and 8-127. A copy of the Ordinance may be had from the office of the undersigned during regular business hours. Given under my hand this 5 day of May, 2015. Bobbi Kersey, City Clerk