010071017 August 18, 27
Invitation to Bid

The Monongalia County Commission will receive sealed bids for the replacement of a stone wall along the PRT parking lot adjacent to Chestnut and Court Streets. A mandatory pre-bid will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at 10:00 a.m. at the site. Bids will be accepted prior to 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 and are to be sealed and clearly marked "Wall Replacement". Questions may be directed to Bob Doyle, Director of Facilities, at 304, 288-0378. The Commission reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and/or all bids.



NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that default having been made under the terms of a Deed of Trust dated August 15, 2008, and of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 1150, at page 338, executed by Samuel A. Lilly and Joni M. Lilly to Alan R. Terry and Carl W. Roop, Trustees, securing Pioneer Community Bank, which was given to secure the payment of the note therein described, and demand having been made upon the undersigned so to do, the undersigned Trustee, Carl W. Roop will, on the 10th day of September, 2015, at the front door of the Mercer County Courthouse, in the City of Princeton, West Virginia, at 9:00 a.m., sell the property hereinafter described, which property was conveyed in said Deed of Trust, and being more particularly described as follows: All that certain tract or parcel of land, situate on the waters of Rich Creek, in Rock District, Mercer County, West Virginia, bounded and described as follows, to-wit: BEGINNING at two sugar trees, grown up from the same root, standing on the lower side of the County Road, a corner to the Thomas J. Bowling land (this sugar tree having been agreed upon as the corner to take the place of a poplar corner which is called for in the deed to Farley and which is now gone) and running thence S. 10_ E. 54 poles to a dogwood and speckled oak in the John Dunlap line with the same N. 64_ E., 6 poles to two white oaks on a hill top, a corner to the G. L. Karnes land, and with same down the ridge E. 46 poles to a black oak and chestnut stump; thence running by corrected calls N. 54_ E. 1102 feet to a stake on a hillside; N. 31_ 25′ W. 1783 feet, crossing the county road and along with a wire fence, through the bottom to a fence post at the turn or corner of the fence; thence still following the fence S. 82_ 30′ W. 130 feet to a willow near the bank of the creek; thence crossing the creek N. 66_ 10′ W. 387 feet to a hickory on the side of a knob or bank; thence up the hill N. 45_ 30′ W. 652 feet to a stake, supposed to be in the outer boundary line of the tract of which this is a part; thence along with said line S. 75_ W. 130 feet to a stake where pointers are called for; thence S. 10_ E. 120 poles, crossing the creek to the place of BEGINNING, and containing 77 acres, more or less. EXCEPTED and RESERVED There is excepted and reserved a 1.00 acre tract of land described in a deed dated September 12, 1997 from William A. Harvey and Elitha Harvey, husband and wife, to Anita Anderson, of record in the Office of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia, in Book 786 at page 614 and all other prior conveyances. And being the same property conveyed to Samuel A. Lilly and Joni Lilly by Deed dated the 29th day of July, 2008, from William A. Harvey, Jr. and Elitha Harvey, which is of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 928 at page 684. Said property will be sold upon the following terms and conditions: 1. Cash in hand on day of sale. 2. The property will be conveyed in an “AS IS” condition by Deed containing Special Warranty of Title, subject to the Internal Revenue Service right of redemption, all property taxes, prior Deeds, validly enforceable prior liens, reservations, encumbrances, restrictions, right-of-ways, easements, covenants, conveyances and conditions of record in the Clerk’s office or affecting the subject property. 3. The Beneficiary and/or the Servicer of the Deed of Trust and Note reserve the right to submit a bid for the property at sale. 4. The Trustee reserves the right to continue sale of the subject property from time to time by written or oral proclamation, which continuance shall be in the sole discretion of the Trustee. 5. The Trustee shall be under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the property to vacate said property, or remove any personal property and/or belongings remaining at the property. 6. The purchaser(s) at the sale shall be responsible for paying the recording costs and also the tax on the privilege of transferring real property. 7. In the event there are Federal Tax Liens against the property, the United States would have the right to redeem the property within a period of 120 days from the date of such sale or the period allowable for redemption under local law, whichever is longer. CARL W. ROOP, TRUSTEE