NOTICE Department of Environmental Protection Office of Explosives and Blasting PUBLIC NOTICE OF BLASTING OPERATIONS Notice is hereby given that Met Resources, LLC, P.O. Box 5064 Route 123, Princeton, WV 24740 , O303312 Situated in Barkers Ridge District of Wyoming County and in Rock District of Mercer County, approximately 1.8 miles Southwest of Matoaka and will be conducting blasting activities in accordance with all State and Federal Laws and as approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. Blasting activities will occur Monday through Saturday from “sunrise to sunset” (or list other specific times). No blasting shall be conducted on Sunday. Blasting is to commence on January 27, 2015 and continue through January 27, 2016. Ten minutes prior to and immediately after each blast, all access to the specific area will be safeguarded from unauthorized entry. The warning signal prior to each blast shall be from an air horn, siren, or other devise audible to at least one half mile from the blast. The warning will be given three (3) minutes prior to detonation and will consist of three (3) short blasts of five (5) seconds duration with five (5) seconds between each blast. The all clear signal shall be one long blast from an air horn, siren, or other approved devices of twenty (20) seconds duration. Blasting shall be conducted in such a way so as to prevent adverse impacts to the public or the environment. Blasting activities will not be conducted at times other than those announced in the blasting schedule except in the event of an emergency situation where rain, lightening, or other atmospheric conditions, or operator or public safety requires unscheduled detonations.



010055146 January 28

Class II Legal Advertisement
WVU Hospital
Infectious Medical Waste Permit Application
Outpatient Care Center – Morgantown, West Virginia

The WVU Hospital Outpatient Care Center located at 6040 University Town Centre Drive in Morgantown, West Virginia is applying to the West Virginia Infectious Medical Waste Program located at Capitol and Washington Streets, 1 Davis Square, Suite 200, Charleston, West Virginia 25301-1798, for a permit to construct and operate an Infectious Medical Waste Management Facility. No on-site treatment of infectious medical waste will be performed at this site. The following is an estimation of the waste generated at the facility on an annual basis:

1. Cultures and stocks of microorganisms and biologicals – 0 pounds
2. Blood and blood products – 650 pounds
3. Pathological wastes – 0 pounds
4. Sharps – 2,600 pounds

Further information on the proposed project can be obtained by contacting Roger Osbourn at the WVU Hospital, Ruby Office Complex, 315 Point Marion Road, Morgantown, West Virginia at (304) 598-4055 (telephone) or (304) 598-4409 (fax). Copies of the application are available at the Monongalia County Courthouse, the City of Morgantown’ s City Hall, the Morgantown Public Library, and at the Office of Environmental Health Services located at Capitol and Washington Streets, 1 Davis Square, Suite 200, Charleston, West Virginia 25301-1798.

Previous notices and articles concerning this project were published on January 21, 2015. Written comments shall include a concise statement of the nature of the issues raised and shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Resources, Infectious Medical Waste Program, within thirty (30) days of this publication at the address above. Anyone may request a hearing on this proposal by submitting the same to the Secretary with a concise statement of the issues raised at the address above within the thirty (30) day comment period.